10 Best Movie Sequels of All-Time

Shrek 2Image via: Youtube

10. Shrek 2: Most people I know consider the first Shrek film to be a superior product to its sequel. However, while it might be a controversial choice, I think the second Shrek film gave the series a humor boost that put it on its critical and financial pedestal.

Shrek 2 Fiona & DonkeyImage via: YouTube

In terms of pure numbers, Shrek 2 made over $919 million on a $150 million budget, while getting an 88% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. It didn’t offer anything groundbreaking. Instead, it was simply a very good, very funny movie.

Fairy Godmother ShrekImage via: YouTube

The series didn’t stop with Shrek 2, as two sequels in the main series followed (both vastly inferior in my opinion): Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After. A spin-off of Puss in Boots was made as well, but it was a financial failure.