30 Most Popular Video Game Consoles of All-Time

WonderSwanImage via: Wikipedia

28. WonderSwan: Released by Bandai in 1999, this handheld console sold around 3.5 million units until it was discontinued in 2003. During its lifespan, no variation of the WonderSwan was released outside Japan. At its peak, it managed to obtain as much as 8% of the Japanese handheld video game console market before being marginalized by Nintendo.

Sega PicoImage via: Wikipedia

27. Sega Pico: An educational gaming console released by Sega in 1993, the Pico sold over 3.6 million and over 11 million game cartridges, which were referred to as¬†were referred to as “Storyware”. It was succeeded in Japan by the Advanced Pico Beena.

PS VitaImage via: Wikipedia

26. PlayStation Vita: Sony current (8th generation) handheld console, it was the successor to the PlayStation portable, released in 2011. There are no official figures for the Vita, but it is said to be around 9 million, possibly more. The Japanese Vita release o Minecraft is considered the console’s most successful game.