11 Biggest Plot Holes in the Harry Potter Universe

Ollivander's wand shopImage via: YouTube

Wizard Economics: There is such a thing as wizard money: Galleons, Sickles and Knuts. However, a lot of the things in the wizarding world don’t make sense when it comes to money. One prime example is Ollivander and his wands: He sells wands for 7 galleons. However, a wand with a unicorn hair in it (and other cores sound just as expensive) costs him 10 galleons to make.

SnapeImage via: YouTube

Wizard truth serum: Veritaserum is a truth serum; a potion which forces the drinker to answer any question truthfully. It’s forbidden to use on students (as Severus Snape points out). It should be something we see used a whole lot more in the books, especially in wizarding trials, however it is mentioned that some witches and wizards know how to counter its effects, especially if they used an antidote.

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The Secret Keep Conundrum: The Fidelius Charm hides a secret within the soul of the person, making that person a secret keeper. A house protected by the spell is invisible, unplottable and soundproof. If that is the case, why didn’t Lily and James Potter make each other their secret keeper? At the time, they made Peter Pettigrew their secret keeper, and he betrayed it to Voldemort. You know the rest. One theory suggests that the Secret Keeper can’t be someone living in that specific dwelling.