A Wireless and Extremely Compact 3D Mouse

Would it be convenient if we could wear a wireless mouse on our finger? What if we can control it easily in 3 dimensions and could keep our hands on the keyboard at all time?

USB Fever introduces a mouse that is compact, optical and can be also be easily used at places where using regular mice are not convenient. You simply wear it on your finger and can control the clicks with your thumb.

Since it is wireless, it gets rid of extra clutter and mess of cables and wires. Moreover, it takes only 2 hours to charge and will last continuously for 14 hours.

To see the tech specs or to make a purchase, please visit the 2.4GHz wireless 3D Finger Optical Mouse page.

Via: PCLaunches

3 thoughts on “A Wireless and Extremely Compact 3D Mouse

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  2. Tal Siach.

    Hi Neece, thanks for the comment.
    It seems like a cool idea.
    I think it could be really convenient, but you must practice it a lot to use it comfortably and efficiently.

  3. Neece.

    Being able to keep my fingers on the keyboard would be amazingly cool. But it looks like for typing, it would be really awkward to have that thing on my finger. Maybe I don’t fully understand it. Still the concept is awesome.


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