The Terminator Revisited with an Exoskeleton Suit

Imagine a Exoskeleton suit that fits around a soldier’s body, allowing the same movements and mobility but enhanced strength and reduced fatigue.

The video below presents a demonstration of the current version of a suit such as this. It provides informative insight, explanation and live demo of this particular suit in action.

This will allow soldiers to lift tremendous amount of weight and perform different needed functions without using their real strength and getting tired. In addition, when in need, one can simply leave the suit to perform additional separate functions, with the exoskeleton waiting to be directed once more.

This looks incredible but is scary just the same.

Via: TechEBlog

28 thoughts on “The Terminator Revisited with an Exoskeleton Suit

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  4. richard.

    I just went to see that Iron man movie. it was good, and it rminded me of this suite. i saw it when i was in school. it was in the newspaper. when i saw that the military was getting into using it maybe i was like oh yeah. i’m 19 an in the Army an i hope that this invenmtion will come around cause i’m all for using it. i think it isthe start of making our world exactly like star wars time. it close to that.

  5. Lukas Mariman.

    “Our military developing the best weapons on the planet is the best thing for the planet and this exoskeleton is great for protracting our forces. Better our troops have the best protection than any potential enemy.”

    That’s all very nice and dandy unless you are “the potential enemy.” With goofball like Bush running, who’s to say who is going to be the next “immediate threat to the world”?

    Who are you to decide you are “the best thing” for the rest of the world?

  6. Michael Lodispoto.

    We had nuclear weapons and NO ONE else did until Russia blew theirs up in 1949. That is serious nuclear power and no one could do anything to stop us had we been a tyranny like Russia.
    What are you talking about David? We have 10 million troops also in arms in 1945. And we now used two nuclear weapons and even had the japanese surrender after we dropped the second. You think had we dropped one on Moscow the Russians could do anything about it? That is the point, we didn’t and wouldn’t.
    Our military developing the best weapons on the planet is the best thing for the planet and this exoskeleton is great for protracting our forces. Better our troops have the best protection than any potential enemy.

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  8. Neece.

    I wonder how you’d power it efficiently. I think it’s a great development, and agree that it will be really cool when it also becomes a consumer product in some fashion.

  9. microcycles.

    Forget the Terminator. This is the beginnings of the big wearable yellow construction thing from Aliens! Strap rocket launchers to it and we have Mechs! Excellent mwah ha ha ha ha

  10. Nils.

    How long will it take before they strap a 200lbs turret and a couple missiles to it? Besides, hasn’t anybody noticed that this exoskeleton needs A LOT of energy to work properly? The rapid movements need a lot of power and that is fed via an umbilical in the test setup. But make no mistake, as long as that problem isn’t solved, this technology will only produce horribly expensive thetered pet-soldiers to an Abrahms-tank or whatever large power source. This won’t be solved with some magic lithium-batteries. I can see it happen though with a micro-turbine genset strapped to the back, which would give it a limited range and tremendous IR and noise signature… Ach, maybe it will only be used as a cargo handler with the umbilical. This is so Alien! Go Ripley! America rules!

  11. Anna.

    The problem is even though it’s being developed to “help” soldiers it will eventually be upgraded for battle. There’s also an issue with the technology getting to different nations. It most likely will cause more violence despite it’s intentions.

  12. billy.

    ethan, the point of the suit is not to gain military strength, it’s to help out our soliders do their jobs, while protecting them, and potentially saving other lives as well.


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