Bring Sunshine to Your Room with Bright Blind

Would you like more sunshine in your room? Does your room have no windows for the sun to come in? Now there’s a ‘pretend’ window you can just put up on the wall.

Makoto Hirahara designed the Bright Blind, which is a fake window for overworked individuals who are stuck all day long in a windowless room; it creates a clever illusion of sunlight. This window uses electroluminescent sheets to present the appearance of bright light, similar to the sun. If the light gets a bit too bright, simply adjust the blind as you would with a real one.

Although many places claim Bright Blind is just a concept for now, gnr8 mention that these custom-made windows are currently available. Whether it is a finished product or a concept, this is pretty cool, don’t you think?

Bring Sunshine in Your Room with Bright Blind

Via: Crave

21 thoughts on “Bring Sunshine to Your Room with Bright Blind

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  2. SadPanda.

    It would be so cool if I simply could create the illusion that I’m not a lemming anymore that plunges to death every single day. Just to make my boss a little richer.

    Gee, really thanks for this really cool thing that doesn’t even exit.

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