Rescue your Wet Cellphone

Do you know someone who has dropped their cellphone in the sink, toilet, or a pool? Have you ever spilled a drink on your cellular causing it to malfunction? Would you like to know a cool way to save your wet phone?

I have heard about being able to save your wet cellphone using rice before but was never sure if it actually worked.

This short video illustrates the method of rescuing your cellphone by placing it in an airtight container filled with rice. Although the video seems like a cheesy commercial, it goes on to explain what to do as soon as your phone gets wet, and why this is actually supposed to work.

Since I didn’t want to drop my cellphone in water just to prove this method works, I ask you…has anyone tried this before? Does it work, or is it just a myth?

19 thoughts on “Rescue your Wet Cellphone

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  2. sean.

    My friend dropped his cell phone in the toilet. He used DRY-ALL for cell phones( it works great now. In less than 48 hours it was as good as new. DRY-ALL can be used over & over.

  3. DonB.

    Dropped razr in toilet while flushing it and it went down with the… know. Took toilet off, couldn’t find phone. Check sewer main, no phone. Re installed toilet. Mom used toilet….and yelled… is overflowing!. Took toilet off again and removed tank. Shook toilet like hell….out comes my Razr……plop….still in the leather case that WAS clipped to my belt. Glad to find phone….SIM card needed. Had heard dry rice trick………took cover off and battery out…….placed phone in rice and in oven on really low heat. Left in rice for 6 hours or so….tried it..NO LUCK. Crap. Oh well…..set phone on night stand and forgot about it for 2 days. Dreaming of buying I-phone. Noticed cell phone on night stand, installed battery and SIM card…….hit the ON [off] button…….it vibrated and CAME ON!!! Yahoo. Flew from NY to Arkansas and it worked until I got in Arkansas. I think Clinton screwed up the atomosphere here. Tried to recharge battery. Wouldn’t charge in phone. Took battery out and tried charging it in another Razr…..charged OK….put in my Razr and it works again. I think when it fully dries out it will charge too. I am an optimist, tho. The motto of this story: Don’t drop your phone in a flushing toilet unless you have really fast reaction time or are ready for a new phone…….BUT if you do……..dry it out and keep trying. Persistence paid off for me.

  4. Tim.

    i just washed my phone in the laundry washer, and its been in rice for about 12 hours, everytime i go to check on it, something new start working.


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