Lisa the Perfect Woman Robot: Real or Fake?


I know many that dream of having a female robot to take care of them. Whether it is the cooking, cleaning, or bedroom antics, having a humanoid robot to tend to your needs is a fantasy and AI Robotics claim to have created this Perfect Woman.

The video below presents Lisa, this perfect woman, and their site offers a few different looks to choose from. Shopping for Lisa or the others will be available on the 15th of June, 2008.

But c’mon, can this be any more of a hoax?

The video below presents Lisa and her amazing life-like quality; a little too life-like if you ask me. In addition, they claim it has been 3 years in the making…ONLY 3 Years? Wow, these guys must be the smartest men in the room within the smartest men. Is Artificial Intelligence even close to such a stage, let alone providing an actual choice of robots?

After you watch the video, I bet you can list many more reasons why this is fake, or do you actually think it’s real?

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52 thoughts on “Lisa the Perfect Woman Robot: Real or Fake?

  1. Zbass.

    “Sure if it were real this android could very sell and make millions in profits but that can only go so far. In reality there‚Äôs nothing more attractive than a confident and flirty, yet sweet and beautiful girl and no robot/android can mimic human emotions like a real life human can.”

    LOL! I got a kick out of that, not sure if you meant to say it that way, but when you said no one can mimic human emotion like a real woman haha. So women are the best at “mimicking” human emotion?

    I’ll be chuckling over that the rest of the day.

  2. Dam.


    Moreover if you checked the WEBSITE!!

    All is explained from A to Z there, why it was made and why it’s not real.

    Open your god damn eyes and go use ur brain on real questions!!

    This problem has already been solved!!! And by the video makers themselves!!

  3. Tino.

    This is, apparently, not within reality. There are too many questions and doubts when watching the one and ~only~ video of ‘LIsa’ on the whole net–also considering that their site is totally lacking in assuring+accurate information about the droid and it’s release. We aren’t able to create perfect fluid human action and movements into robots–it would very well, take hundreds upon hundreds of years to even get barely close to realTime Ai–sorry, folks… this is not actual.

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  6. justin.

    its a real robot if you cant see that then your dumb and no there not the smartest men an we had less advanced ai human plans they just took it a step further so years to modify what we already had is right time frame and its ai it learns so it willbecome smarter man all you are so dumb it not funny and they work im a robotics designer and guees what she works we have one at our work she just needs a little more memory capability

  7. DDferrari.

    God, you people are gullible! Who’s commenting here, a bunch of pubescent boys?? She is a HUMAN, acting as a robot. She just happens to be blessed with perfect, symmetrical bone structure, and flawless skin. Mankind can’t build a robot like this yet, and probably won’t for decades. Why all this wasted time on the ethics, the “love” factor, etc? Why don’t you start a discussion on what life will be like when you move to Mars?? Just as useful.
    Note to the ladies, though: obviously there are TONS of men interested in having a robot instead of a “real” woman. If women continue to become more plastic-y and superficial (in other words, robot-like), more men will turn to this when it’s available. If you’re snotty, spoiled, and self-centered, what do you THINK is going to eventually happen?


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