Gene Simmons Tongue is the Kiss Plasma Light


Whether you are a KISS fan or not, the band’s appearance, merchandise and attitude will always receive a second look. KISS’ complete appeal is intriguing: from the band’s make-up to their comic books, from the songs to the concerts, and even from the KISS condoms to the Plasma Light. With the latter, Gene Simmons’ famous tongue shines brightly.

Even though I think the KISS Plasma Light looks amazing, I guess you just have to be in that mood to actually have it at your home. For the ones that are major KISS fans, or to those that would like to spite their significant others, this plasma light from KISS is only $59.98.

Via: The Coolest Gadgets

2 thoughts on “Gene Simmons Tongue is the Kiss Plasma Light

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  2. grace.

    Ok yeah i want a fake one like that. i saw this guy in vegas with one and i have wanted one ever since =]


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