Xbox 360 Mod with LCD Screen


How would you like it if your favorite console had an LCD screen of its own? That is what Electronics Guru did for one of his customers. The modder used an Xbox 360 and cut out a slot in the upper part of the casing and installed a widescreen LCD inside. He is even ready to reveal the tutorials as time passes by.

Imagine being able to play games right on your Xbox! That way, you would never need to buy any of those fancy displays nor would you have to go through the trouble of connecting the console to another device! The idea is absolutely fantabulous and though the screen might appear small, the cool factor of the mod seems to negate any discomfort experienced during playing.

There have been a number of mods inspired by the Xbox 360, perhaps due to its versatility. The Xbox 360 Car is a must have if you suffer from bouts of gaming withdrawal symptoms while on the road. The Gears of War 2 Xbox Mod and the Alligator Skin Mod blow your mind with their ingenuity and creativity. I wonder what we shall see next from the gang of mod maniacs!

19 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Mod with LCD Screen

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  2. crystal mods.

    lcds dont make heat plus it is over the dvd drive. so it wont heat up the cpu or the gpu any 3rd party fan can help prevent rrod plus if u get it just use a reflow station and reball it after that its basically brand new you have to have a steady hand email me i could help u with installing 1


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