New Montauk Monster Found in Panama City

panama montauk monster

You may remember the Montauk Monster mystery that took the Internet by storm last year and still remained unsolved, and now a new Montauk Monster was found in Northern Panama which leaves many in shock and dumbfounded.

This new Montauk Panama Monster was found by a number of local kids that were playing by a creek near Cerro Azul just last Saturday. As mentioned in the DailyMail, the children mentioned that the creature was actually alive when they spotted it, and afraid for their safety, they threw rocks and sticks at it, eventually killing it and throwing it in the river. Afterwards, they gathered courage and returned to the area to take photographs of the mysterious Panama Monster.

Based on the images and speculation, many are saying it resembles a Sloth which has lost his hair. Others believe it is an actual dead animal fetus, which debunks the children’s testimony. Even further, some locals believe it is an Alien creature, but no actual concrete answers have yet to come up for any of the ideas.

Whatever the creature is, it doesn’t look pretty, and it may be simply a deformed animal that has been dead for quite some time.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or evaluations of your own, please share them with the rest of us in the comments below.

new montauk monster panama

53 thoughts on “New Montauk Monster Found in Panama City

  1. Marik Airl Ra.

    This seems to mee like either a Sloth, or an alien. And aliens are real! I saw alot of large, multi-colored lights in the sky one night.

  2. Charwee.

    It looks like a sloth to me. Because of its long dangly limbs and its small compacked chest region and if you look closely you can see traces of shaggy brown hair. They are all key features of a sloth. Also, if you are wondering ‘but why has it got a round stomach? Sloths don’t have that?!’ It’s because every animal that gets washed up or has drowned becomes bloated.

  3. scientists from Europe.

    If this is not a photoshop corrections. I think that Panama is extremely good ground for mad scientists to play God.
    I think it was a (female dolphin + man), that mom and dad mammals!

  4. Nita.

    Im From Panama And Some Of You Guys Are Makin It Seem Like Its A Horrible Place? That Straight Up Looks Like A Slot! An Okay They’re Teenagers! They’re Scared An They’ve NEVER seen A Thing Like That! Of Course They’re Gonna throw Rocks!!


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