Glass Rubik’s Cube Looks Groovy!

cool glass rubik's cube

Certain conceptual designs never make it to the real world, but they still exhibit what imaging technology and designers are capable of with the different tools and technology available in today’s world. The Glass Rubik’s Cube is a toy not for lesser mortals like us, probably for the extra-terrestrials. Well, the budding designer has used 3DStudio Max 6.0 to hatch this one. He has invested almost 20 hours in this and thinks his design can beat that of Erno Rubik. This isn’t arrogance, its just one’s drive for revolutionizing existing ideas.

I wonder if Erno Rubik has any access to the blogsphere, and if he does, he surely is smiling on what IceStone is up to. He would also be glad to see how others have drawn inspiration from the world’s top selling game and churned out a plethora of Rubik’s Cube designs, including the Rubik’s Cube Sandwich and even one Cube Designed for the Blind

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