Hardcore Gaming Girl is Taking it a Bit Far!

They say girls just want to have fun, but this hardcore gaming girl doesn’t seem like she is having so much of it…even though she seems ready for aPC gaming war.

I am not sure if she is getting ready for battle, just lost her record or is seen after a World of Warcraft marathon, but the screen itself shows she has a passion for gaming. And for that, she should be saluted.

hardcore gaming girl image

Thanks Mike for the image!

94 thoughts on “Hardcore Gaming Girl is Taking it a Bit Far!

  1. David Guerra.

    If that was a 6 or 8+ MP monitor I would be impressed, but those cost some 40 or 50 thousand dollars. If it’s not one of those, it’s just a regular LCD screen with a 1920×1080 (2 MP) resolution, just like any 100$, 22″ monitor. The pixels are bigger, but the desktop area is exactly the same. A 2560×1600, 30″ monitor would be worlds better.

  2. goatonastik.

    Uhm, she’s using a trackball, with the ARROW KEYS, and she’s playing half life 2 deathmatch. About as far as you can get from hardcore gamer I’m afraid 🙁

    Probably her BF’s setup, too :p

  3. Rick.

    She looks a lot like the one shook her kid when he interrupted her Farmville game, then she had a smoke to cool off, but shook the kid again to death. Not kidding. 3 months old and also hit his head.

  4. Sanjay.

    Or some gamer sat her down in front of his rig and she’s looking at the camera thinking “take your picture so i can gtfo”

  5. Rik.

    Whats wrong with that? I’m using a 107cm 1080p LCD tv for my monitor too. and I’m starting feel as though it’s smallish.

  6. Doug.

    who cares about the WASD… anyone who thinks if you don’t use WASD you fail…. is a fail please go shoot yourselves and make the world a better place

      1. FailOrDie.

        Haha, why is it fail to use arrows?
        I do it, and my gaming mouse has all the hotkeys I need. And if she’s a healer, then an addon is all you need…

        1. Rick.

          Well, if you’re left handed, then arrows are much better. I also use the right ctrl, right shift, return, delete, end, page down, insert and enter key. I use all 5 fingers as well.

  7. caze269.

    I’m surprised (1) that I’m actually commenting on this and (2) that no one has commented on the second trackball near the right hand book the flat panel is sitting on, the fact that it sitting on books, the remote for the flat panel, the loose end of the Cat 5 cable hanging over what appears to be a box and going somewhere behind the screen, or the ghost that is sitting in the chair behind the rails just above her head.


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