Upcoming PS3 Update 3.55 fights Jailbreaking

Playstation has just announced the upcoming PS3 Firmware Update 3.55 which will include a minor security patch…most likely to fight Jailbreaking and Piracy. ps3 3.55 firmware update

A number months ago, an actual PS3 Jailbreak was released, which included an external dongle to allow the back up and storing of actual titles on an external hard drive. While Sony Playstation has began its battles by not allowing access to such external devices (and more), hackers have found a way around. What can we say? when there is a will, there is a way; the perfect example would be the ongoing iPhone Jailbreaking and Unlocking which continues in the Cat and Mouse game.

As of now, Playstation has only mentioned the release of the PS3 3.55 Firmware Update but has not updated their download section or provided actual specifications of whether this firmware includes anything else besides a ‘minor security patch’.

What are your thoughts on the Playstation 3 Jailbreaking subject? Should Sony leave it alone, fight fire with fire or do you have any other ideas?

15 thoughts on “Upcoming PS3 Update 3.55 fights Jailbreaking

  1. John.

    Sony just stop, you should be proud that you kept your system from being hack for 4 years but compared to other consoles (xbox 360 wii etc) But nowit’s hacked theres no going back, your just wasting your time and money.

  2. ps3guy.

    if a ps3 is jailbroken it wud be able to do many more things than any other gaming console! which will make make it the best gaming console out resulting in more sales for sony…if an iphone cudnt be jailbroken nobody wud have bought it….most of the millions of sales of iphones is because of what it is capable of after being jailbroken…

  3. ps3guy.

    ps3 can be WAYYY better if it can be jailbroken…it will be able to do many more things than any other gaming console which will make it the best gaming console out and sony will get more sales!!!…if an iphone cudnt be jailbroken nobody wud hav bought it…its millions of sales is because of what it is capable of after jailbroken!!!!

  4. Allan.

    Curious? Sony brought out Playstation 3 as a multi-media along with a network a few years ago? Who was responsible for that, created that? Then the changed the shape a little, but the impression left was still..similar who created that? Who was the original designer and when? Now Sony has done what, wanted some OS pulled out? Some software not be be active? Curious, questions, who, what when, where, why? Casn someone tell, explain? Ciao.

  5. Darren.

    I think ps3 should just give in as I myself have a jailbroken ps3 which I jailbroke with my own program/patch godlymodv1 I have so far found 4 ways of jailbreaking and created 3 jailbrakes all by myself its way too easy and by the way if anyones wondering I work full time and I’ve still found time to do it all I’m saying is its way too easy and way to quick..

  6. Kenny.

    What is the purpose of these hacker do?

    If sony was done something like what microsoft did(Install the whole game into a harddisk),then the problem may be reduced since its method is stronger than i thought.

  7. Danny.

    If there is any hacking that should be done, it should be to give us the ability to use one PS3’s HDD on another PS3. I went through a red light issue and ended up loosing A LOT of information including games saves for ps2 and ps3 games, music, a couple of accounts and downloaded games from those accounts. Sony didn’t want to help me, so I think this is well deserved.

  8. Michael.

    Sony needs to just give it up. They will never, ever beat the hackers now that they have broken the console. They will always forever and ever find a way around it. All Sony is doing is limiting things for the rest of us and lowering the value of their product trying to stop the .00005% of people who are pirates. Quit wasting your time Sony, you can’t win and you’re only hurting your product.

  9. Mr Ed Annoy.

    Sony needs to stop this :/ I can see why they’re doing it but theres so little people that have access to the jailbreak. It is on the internet but to download the file you need to do surveys which don’t even work. So? Hackers are just going to find another way around it, it doesn’t matter.

    Another reason they might keep doing it is that they don’t want to drive good titles away because the company might lose money from piracy.

  10. Max.

    Ok this is pissing me off. if you are a hacker reading this, stop. its not cool, get a hobby. a lot of money is going into stopping this and ev eryone will always find a way around it. worst of all we have to update like every other week. its a waste of time and resorces and it needs to be stopped.

  11. Eric Holodnak.

    You know, honestly, I like that Sony keeps fighting this, but at the same time I’m getting a little sick of how much these people like the Jailbreaker people keep causing companies to allocate time and money to stopping them as opposed to using that time to do other things.

    I went to high school with one of the main people behind Castle Crashers. He told me, specifically, one of the main reasons he didn’t want to release it on the PS3 was because of the fact that he didn’t want to see his game passed around and pirated. He eventually gave in anyways once the game was oldhat. But still.

    I don’t know. I’m just tired of my experience being less than what it could be just because some people can’t get jobs or figure out how to work even a minimum wage position as opposed to spending all their free time trying to figure out how to get something for free that most people have no problems, whatsoever, paying for.

    1. Syphon Quilter.

      The 360 and Wii have been jail broken since their release basically. This (about 4 years after its release) is barely becoming a problem for the PS3. Your friend either knows nothing about piracy, or you are lying. When the game released (Castle Crashers, August 2008) the PS3 had not even been jail broken and that was very surprising because systems are usually cracked right away.


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