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Gadgets, phones and technology have evolved so much that we don’t even need screens anymore to play classics such as snake, as this hack evidences.

Snake might be one of the ultimate time wasters, timeless as it’s simple yet addictive. That is why Hackaday user [Sprite_TM] chose to revamp the classic to work without screens, computers, or anything except a lighted keyboard. This keyboard’s only particularity is that it has individually addressable LEDs, one of the current fads amongst makers, bur other than that it’s just a regular keyboard with a few specialized functions. When [Sprite_TM] took it to work, a colleague joked, saying ‘you’ve had this keyboard for 24 hours now, and it has a bunch of LEDs and some arrow keys. I’m disappointed you haven’t got Snake running on it yet’, which sounded a lot like a challenge to him.

The keyboard itself is the Coolermaster Quickfire Rapid-I, a board with a small ARM Cortex CPU and 32k of RAM. which was plenty for this project.Using an executable file that overrode the updater, [Sprite] made a back-up of the defaults, and started programming on it. And note, even though playing Snake is the part we found the most amusing to make a story about, there’s plenty users can do with a hacked keyboard like this, so check the original post at Hackaday for more ideas and information about the project.

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3D Printed Super Mario Animated Cloud Pendant http://walyou.com/3d-printed-super-mario-animated-cloud-pendant/ http://walyou.com/3d-printed-super-mario-animated-cloud-pendant/#comments Thu, 13 Nov 2014 13:00:39 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=195061

DIY tech blog Adafruit shows us the combined beauty of 3D printing, micro controllers, and the nostalgic gaming retro skies of Super Mario Bros.

The blue pixelated skies of the original Super Mario Bros. is as nice a view as they come. And if you could wear it around your neck? That would be better, and is exactly what you can do with Adafruit’s 3D printed pendant, which plays an animated scene of the Super Mario Bros. clouds.

Shaped in the appropriate visage of a Nintendo Gameboy, Adafruit inserted their custom-made microcontroller, the Pro Trinket, as the base for this unique piece of jewelry. The Pro Trinket measures 1.5″ x 0.7″ x 0.2” around. Tiny, but featuring enough processing power to run the 1.44? LCD display that’s playing the looping animation.

The process requires a little soldering know how, along with the use of a 3D printer, but Adafruit’s simple step-by-step video can easily guide you into rocking your own pendant.

VIDEO TO ADD [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqcTEZpB780]

Source: Adafruit

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Chris Fenton’s 3D Printed Turbo Entabulator Is a Mechanical Marvel http://walyou.com/chris-fenton-3d-printed-computer/ http://walyou.com/chris-fenton-3d-printed-computer/#comments Thu, 25 Sep 2014 20:13:55 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=179714

As demonstrated by the Greeks in their Antikythera mechanism, computers are not all about 1s and 0s. Chris Fenton’s 3D printed mechanical computer, for example, requires a bit of cranking in order to perform tabulations.

Chris Fenton is a designer and electrical engineer that spends most of his work day around very fast computers. As you can see on his website, he’s quite a fan of 3D printed contraptions, and given the mechanical nature of these gadgets, it’s no wonder that after a day’s work, Fenton prefers to spend his spare time on things that move slower.

The Turbo Entabulator, as Fenton called his implementation of his mechanical FIBIAC machine, is inspired from an 1895 copy of The Mechanism of Weaving. It should be noted that while his FIBIAC machine was an electromechanical computer that uses punch card to calculate the Fibonacci sequence, the Turbo Entabulator is entirely mechanical and for the most part, 3D printed.

The 3D printed computer includes nuts, bolts, springs, rubber bands and a few small bearings, along with punch cards, which are also 3D printed. It has a steampunk air to it, if only the color palette matched the theme. Nowadays, there are plenty of 3D printers that print in color, but considering how many of Fenton’s projects are brought to life using this method, he probably doesn’t want to invest more in an expensive 3D printer, since the functionality would be the same, and that’s what really matters for him.

“Run the machine under water if you want, it won’t care. It’s all ratchets, gears, and pulleys. The machine is entirely driven by a central crank-shaft with a handle attached to it. Want to overclock this monster? Crank faster. There is something about entirely mechanical systems I find appealing. The inner workings aren’t hidden in a nanometer-sized sliver of silicon, operating on pico-second timelines,” explained Fenton.

Assuming that Fenton got this right the first time would be a mistake. He pointed out that building the Turbo Entabulator was very much a trial-and-error process, and that he went through around 20 iterations of the machine before being satisfied with how it looked and worked.

I also liked the fact that Fenton named his 3D printed computer after the turbo-encabulator, a fictional machine that became an in-joke for engineers. The designer was also kind enough to offer the blueprints necessary for 3D printing the parts at home, should anyone want to reconstruct his project.

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Tech Enthusiast Creates Playable Tetris T-shirt http://walyou.com/tech-enthusiast-creates-playable-tetris-t-shirt/ http://walyou.com/tech-enthusiast-creates-playable-tetris-t-shirt/#comments Tue, 08 Jul 2014 12:00:01 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=176996

A do-it-yourselfer creates a unique mobile version of Tetris that doesn’t require a smartphone or a gaming handheld.

I remember as a kid playing Tetris on my Pikachu yellow Game Boy Color (hey, don’t laugh!), thinking how it couldn’t get any better than this. Fast-forward to 2014 and now someone on the Internet has fashioned a playable version of the classic block-puzzle game on a t-shirt, basically leaving my childhood nostalgia in the dust.

Presented in all its ingenuity, is Marc Kerger’s Tetris shirt. Fully playable – albeit from an unusual “stare down at your chest” position – and powered by 128 LEDs, an Arduino single-board microcontroller, and a few batteries, all smartly embedded within a simple cotton tee. Here’s Marc explaining how his Tetris t-shirt works.

VIDEO TO ADD [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsi3bIHlKv4]

Pretty awesome. Sure, it might not be able to track your score, but for a do-it-yourself project? A highly technical one, I might add! It’s brilliant. Who knows where t-shirt based video games can go from here? Today, Tetris? Tomorrow, Super Mario 3D World?! Okay, maybe not.

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How to Install Android L Right Now http://walyou.com/how-to-install-android-l-right-now/ http://walyou.com/how-to-install-android-l-right-now/#comments Thu, 03 Jul 2014 12:00:02 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=176963

Andoid L won’t be officially available for a few months, but that doesn’t mean the more saavy Android users haven’t found a way to get their hands on it

It has officially been a week since Android L was unveiled at Google I/O.  The new version of Google’s mobile operating system brings many visual changes, added features, and performance increases, but so far Google has only made the developer preview officially available to registered developers, meaning there is not an official release available to the general public.

The official release will come sometime this fall, but no exact date has been give yet.  IT will initially be available on some Nexus devices, and per usual trends, the Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E will likely follow suit very shortly, along with all the Google Play editions of current flagship phones.  Other manufacturers (such as HTC) have made a commitment to making sure the official Android L release (if that remains the name into production) is available for its primary flagship devices within 90 days of the official release.

If you don’t like waiting, though, there’s no need to fret.  Android’s open source platform attracts hackers and developers of all kinds and an aspiring user over at XDA forums has created a usable version of the Android L Developer Preview that can be installed on a rooted Nexus 5 or Nexus 7.

Before you go running off and trying to do this at home, take note that this is a fairly technical process that–if done incorrectly–could wreak havok on your Nexi.  If you’re up to the challenge (or already comfortable with rooting Android devices), Phone Arena has developed a useful step by step guide to install the Android L Developer Preview.

It’s also important to take note of the “Developer Preview” tag.  This is not a final software version and I would highly recommend not installing it on your primary device.  Even if you are successful, it will not be a fully functioning phone, so you will have a lot of trouble using it for many day-to-day tasks, and many apps may not even work at all.

If you’re interested in the benefits of Android L, but aren’t so adventurous that you want to go rooting and installing custom software on your phone, many of the new Android performance benefits are available in phones running Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Android’s runtime (a system that determines basic software operations) has traditionally be Dalvik, but in Android KitKat, the option to switch to the ART runtime was made available.  ART initially didn’t offer much, but now with Android L, it will bring a massive performance boost to most apps.  You can switch to the ART runtime in Android KitKat by following our instructions here.

Although the only way to get the full benefits of the final public version of Android L will be to wait until this fall, but maybe this will provide the more impatient Android enthusiasts among us a way to kill some time while they wait.

Source: BGR

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DIY Iron Man Suit Moves On Its Own! http://walyou.com/diy-iron-man-suit-moves-on-its-own/ http://walyou.com/diy-iron-man-suit-moves-on-its-own/#comments Mon, 05 May 2014 13:00:24 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=175408

We’ve seen Tony do everything in the Iron Man movies, from changing suits mid fight, to having the suits battle on their own! And turns out, the second part is not that far-fetched.

Attention, crafty geeks! If you know what you’re doing, you can get your own moving Iron Man suit, as designed by Greg Hatter and Jerome Kelty on Instructables and Hack A Day, without having to be Tony Stark yourselves.

While the suit is not likely to go off running on its own, the helmet, forearm missile, hip pods and back flaps all move without any issue. Furthermore, the suit still can be worn, and plays sound effects and displays lights as the user performs actions such as walking. See it working in the video below these lines!

Source: Technabob

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DIY Miscroscope Costs Less Than $1 USD http://walyou.com/diy-miscroscope/ http://walyou.com/diy-miscroscope/#comments Tue, 11 Mar 2014 12:00:26 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=174154

Part of being a geek is having an interest in science, but pursuing that interest can get expensive. Luckily, there seems to be a way to get to get the cost down without impacting the quality of research too much.

Meet the Foldscope, a project by Jim Cybulski, James Clements and Manu Prakash aimed to find a way to diagnose and treat diseases in a quicker, more efficient fashion in developing countries, where getting their hands on the proper gear might prove troublesome. Prakash explained In a TED presentation that regular microscopes tend to be bulky and expensive, so they set out to create a cheaper alternative, portable and easy to operate above all in order to be more effective, and the results seem to prove they managed to do exactly that.

The foldscope can manage amplification of up to 2,000X depending on the lens, and can be entirely printed on a card which also doubles as the instruction manual to both build and operate. Foldscope requires electricity only for its LED bulb, which lasts around 50 hours, and creating the whole thing costs only between $0.58 to $0.97.

If you want to become a tester for this futuristic but simple concept, head over to the Foldscope  website and apply to become a beta testers.

Source: Technabob

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More DIY Snowflakes: Superhero Edition http://walyou.com/diy-snowflakes-superhero-edition/ http://walyou.com/diy-snowflakes-superhero-edition/#comments Thu, 02 Jan 2014 15:59:11 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=172575

The holiday season per se might be over, but if you’re still in the mood for some seasonal decoration, it’s time to geek up some snowflakes! Superhero style!

We love the practice of creating paper snowflakes, but sadly, we’re not very good at it. It doesn’t matter all that much, though, when we have people like Sonia Harris of Comic Book Resources to show us how it’s done.

This set of four includes both Marvel and DC characters, namely Batman, Wonder Woman, Punisher and Iron Man respectively, so there’s something in there for every one. A Spiderman snowflake, though, that’d be way too hard, but it’s what we’d like to see next.

Which ones are your favorites? Be sure to share with us in the comments section.

Source: Nerd Approved

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How To Make Your Own Lightsaber (Infographic) http://walyou.com/how-to-make-your-own-lightsaber-infographic/ http://walyou.com/how-to-make-your-own-lightsaber-infographic/#comments Wed, 25 Dec 2013 17:30:49 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=172352

A DIY guide for building your own lightsaber is probably among the most sought after things, if you’re a geek. Don’t despair, though, as your dream has just come true!

Due to this infographic guide being quite long, I decided to cut it into shorter pieces. Should you wish to admire it in its entirety (and why not, even have it printed that way), you can find the infographic on Visual.ly.

Before proceeding to making your own lightsaber, you have to learn what tools you need later in the process. A PVC cutter, hack-saw, drill and soldering iron should suffice, but some additional sand paper and pliers would make the work easier. After all, most of us are Padawans, and only Jedi Masters could assemble a lightsaber quickly, even blindfolded.

Check out the materials listed below and make sure you have all of them before proceeding with building the lightsaber. The author of this infographic make things a lot easier for us when he split the components depending on the part of the lightsaber they pertain to. Who would have thought that a lightsaber could be done with a translucent polycarbonate tube through which the Force glows? And all this time we thought they have laser blades…

The instructions for putting it together are very detailed and refer to both the hilt and the blade.

The next part includes a section wittily called Imbibing Your Lightsaber with the Force. I’m sorry to deceive you, but in this guide, the Force refers to the electric energy, so basically imbibing the lightsaber with the force simply means putting the electronic components together. As much as we wish the lightsaber’s blade were made out of laser, this version of the weapon is not that futuristic.

Still, that’s not to say that the DIY lightsaber that results after following this infographic isn’t spectacular. I would go as far as to call this one of the best lightsabers made on Earth, probably second only to the one developed by researchers at MIT and Harvard. Don’t get me wrong, but that one uses photons and vacuum chambers to create an even more realistic lightsaber.

Even though this is part of a marketing campaign put together by Farnell, the initiative is worth some applause. And yes, if you live in the UK, you can find most of the components needed for this lightsaber on their website.

If you liked this post, please check this Star Wars lightsaber duel POV and the real lightsaber that ditches the force for photons and vacuum chambers.

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Winter Is Coming: Game of Thrones Inspired Snowflakes http://walyou.com/game-of-thrones-snowflakes/ http://walyou.com/game-of-thrones-snowflakes/#comments Fri, 06 Dec 2013 14:00:13 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=171623

Nothing says winter as… well, winter itself. In preparation for the holiday season, here’s some Game of Thrones inspired snowflakes to decorate your place.

No matter what house you favor, there’s something in here for you … unless you like Arryn or Martell. Maybe next year! These creations come from Krystal Higgins, who is a genius when it comes to geeky creativity. The best part? Just following the link to her website, you can print the templates for yourself and decorate your house with the motifs of your favorite House… or all of them. We know that is what we’re gonna do.

You might also go the more sci-fi way and check out DIY: The Awesome Star Wars Snowflakes instead. We’ll be here when winter passes.

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