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While movie series are all the rage right now thanks to stuff like The Hunger Games, The Hobbit and so on, it’s not every movie that deserved a sequel, let alone a trilogy.  Still, trilogies are not something new to the industry, and we’ve had some incredible classics over the years, but have you ever stopped to consider which ones are the best ones? Well, this is what the critics and users of IMDB have agreed on.

by jess.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

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The New Chic Geek Accessory at a Wedding: An Infographic http://walyou.com/wedding-infographic/ http://walyou.com/wedding-infographic/#comments Thu, 12 Sep 2013 15:57:49 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=169250

Ah, amour. Is there anything else like it? Especially in the case of the true geek, not quite. That’s why the most amazing event is the geek wedding. And what better way to share your special day with everyone then to put the road of your relationship up in one awesome wedding infographic?

Well, as the founder of Walyou and co-founder of Visual.ly, our very own Tal Siach really had no other option than to start getting crafty after his beautiful fiancee (now wife!) agreed to marry our top geek.

With the help of Raj Kamal, data visualization designer extraordinaire, Tal created the ultimate way to show his own story of geek love – a wedding infographic.

The wedding infographic is more than just a visualization of their relationship together; it is the epitome of visual storytelling. The story of Limor and Tal, including their background, family, peculiarities and quirks shows the progression of how life has made an impact on who they are, but who they will become is to be determined together from their wedding on.

The happy couple with their infographic at the wedding.

Infographics have a certain affinity with geek culture. It helps us explain who we are, what we like while offering a more easily understandable – and fun – way to visualize data and storytelling. They’ve taken off in the past couple of years, soaring their way into the world of respectable journalism (but still providing the occasionally light-hearted attitude to daily life) … even to a point where Visual.ly’s create a Marketplace where anyone can go to work with a qualified designer and create an infographic.

The Love Story of Seren & Marc, shown below, is the same infographic (specific names/places/dates changed for privacy) that was featured at the entrance to Tal and Limor’s wedding. In addition to just a straight-forward visualization of their life ‘data,’ they’ve hidden a few ‘Easter eggs’ of information for the benefit – well, at least inside joke – of various groupings of friends and family.

by Raj Kamal.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

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What Would Gandalf Do (Infographic) http://walyou.com/what-would-gandalf-do-infographic/ http://walyou.com/what-would-gandalf-do-infographic/#comments Wed, 11 Sep 2013 11:00:52 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=169098

If Lord of the Rings is the greatest Fantasy story ever written, told and eventually brought to the screen, than there’s a good chance that Gandalf the grey or the White is the best Wizard of all-time, seen or introduced on any medium.

While A Song of Ice and Fire fans might argue the LOTR claim for best story ever, it doesn’t really have a wizard in the way they’re usually perceived. So there’s no epically awesome character like Gandalf, or at least in the way Gandalf is awesome.

What makes him so great, besides being a wizard? It’s hard to put a finger on what Gandalf does “on-screen”, because after his transformation from Grey to White, there isn’t a whole lot he actually does in order to make Frodo accomplish his quest. But he has the sort of presence that helps things get accomplished a bit more smoothly.

As this brilliant infographic from LOTRPROJECT clearly shows, he actually prefers doing nothing, and simply overseeing events while others do the actual dirty work.

For more infographics on very important subjects, check out The Evolution of the Geek graphically explained, or the result of what happens when you put beer and twitter together.

Infographic via Tumblr
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Exploring the World of Startups [Interactive Visualization] http://walyou.com/startup-visualization/ http://walyou.com/startup-visualization/#comments Wed, 10 Jul 2013 17:31:28 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=166889

The Startup Universe is one that spreads far and wide. It encompasses many players, including motivated startup founders, venture capitalists and other types of investors that believe in the dream and a team of hard-working parties all around … each creating their own unique ‘startup world.’

This interactive visualization contains all pertinent data around the majority of hitech and webtech startups – on Earth, at least. Including the VCs, founders and the funds put into the budding companies influencing and being the change to people worldwide.

For more amazing visualization tools, be sure to check out the 12 Most Useful Infographic Tools, the revolutionary Infographic Marketplace and Get Your Google Analytics in an Infographic.

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Who Belongs With Whom In Game of Thrones? [Infographic] http://walyou.com/game-of-thrones-infographic/ http://walyou.com/game-of-thrones-infographic/#comments Wed, 03 Apr 2013 17:49:59 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=162051

Things like allegiances and friends can change in a heartbeat in Westeros, so here’s something that should help newcomers keep track of who is with whom with minimal spoilers.

Game of Thrones is the greatest thing on TV right now, and with the huge launch the third season has just had (even becoming officially the most pirated thing ever), it is to be expected there will be some newcomers to the brilliant world created by George R. R. Martin. This graph is intended to help them, as well as veterans who need to do some memory jogging if they haven’t read the books recently.

This project by Nigel Even Dennis covers pretty much every character we’ve seen in the show up until now, and some that will be introduced this third season such as the Reeds, vassals of the North, and Greyworm of the Unsullied. The good part? No deaths are mentioned, so you can read without getting much spoiled. Give it a go, and check the whole thing by clicking here.

Source: Visua.ly

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The Tech Industry’s Most Obnoxious Tweeters [Infographic] http://walyou.com/twitter-infographic/ http://walyou.com/twitter-infographic/#comments Mon, 25 Mar 2013 15:16:18 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=161690

Twitter: the place where everyone goes to be a star. Most, however, fail and just end up being the most annoying person you would never want to follow.

These obnoxious tweeters incidentally fall into one or more of a few classifications, especially in the tech industry. Conduit has seen fit to outline them for both the pro’s and the everyday user’s enjoyment and the noob’s warning. Take a look:

Looking for more on Twitter? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got funky Retro Ads for Twitter, a way to Control How Much Your Pet Eats via Twitter and 21 Awesome Twitter Products and Designs.

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Get Your Google Analytics in an Infographic http://walyou.com/analytics-infographic/ http://walyou.com/analytics-infographic/#comments Thu, 21 Mar 2013 13:27:16 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=161500

Analytics are an absolutely essential tool for anyone running a  blog or website of any kind. Problem is, it can be a full time job just to interpret and convert everything into meaningful information – especially if you need to visualize it  for your team.

Step in Visually, data visualization headquarters on the Web. After getting started with cool infographic tools like a resume builder and the Facebook Monsterizer, they’ve introduced today their Google Analytics tool that turns your Analytics data into a concise, easy-to-read visualization.

This way, you’re able to review weekly insights about your blog’s traffic in a snap! Colors change from blue to red, depending on the overall positive or negative results, respectively. They’ll also send it to your email each week, so it’s an innovative way to check out your Analytics data in a snap while on the go.

It’s also a fantastic solution for marketing managers looking to show off the results of a campaign to their team. Oh, and if you need it customized, they offer that option, too, through the Visually Marketplace.

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LEGO Mini Figures Are Major Collectibles [Infographic] http://walyou.com/lego-minifig/ http://walyou.com/lego-minifig/#comments Tue, 08 Jan 2013 17:40:06 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=157886

Long-time LEGO lovers let loose! All of those LEGO Minifigs you’ve been stockpiling just for fun are actually considered major collectibles, too.

LEGO figs bring your favorite LEGO constructions to life, so much to life that if they had their own country, it would contain the world’s largest population today (4 billion). If you think that number itself is impressive, consider the possibilities … 8 quadrillion of them; that’s how many ways you can combine all of the LEGO mini figure parts ever made. However, the gender disparity is quite large, at a 18:1 male to female LEGO minifig ratio.

Looking for more cool facts you’d never think to ask about the LEGO minifigs? See the infographic below for some pretty unbelievable details.

Can’t get enough of LEGO minifigs? Take a look at these Jedi LEGO minifigure alarm clocks, Street Fighter II LEGO minifigs and The World’s Largest LEGO Tower featuring LEGO minifigures.

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Got Venn? Customize Your Own On The Visually Venn-a-Gram http://walyou.com/venn-diagram-tool/ http://walyou.com/venn-diagram-tool/#comments Thu, 20 Dec 2012 23:54:17 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=157123

iPhone users worldwide have gotten hooked on Instagram, and as kids we used to send our friends candygrams. Now as hip, design-savvy adults, the one thing lacking was an “a-gram” for graphics. Not to fear! Visually is here with their Venn-a-gram tool available to all!

The Visually Venn Diagram tool allows you to customize a basic Venn Diagram template. At the moment, you need to work with only 2 circles for your Venn, but you can choose the color combinations and from one of five backgrounds (including one for coffee, outer-space, music and film).

For the meanwhile, it seems this tool will indeed be just for fun, but members of the Visually Team claim there will be more features added in the (hopefully nearer) future. In that case, it has the potential to be useful for more than just your own entertainment or sharing with your friends.

How did they come up with this idea, anyway? Take a look at their related blog post on the Venn-a-gram Venn Diagram creation tool for all the details.

What are you waiting for? Go customize your very own Venn Diagram … and don’t forget to share the results with us!

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Android’s Rise to Success [Infographic] http://walyou.com/android-success-infographic/ http://walyou.com/android-success-infographic/#comments Thu, 13 Dec 2012 15:31:50 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=156817

We might remain the same, but the world around us has changed. One of the greatest actors in this new communications landscape is Android, and its success is explained in numbers in this infographic.

Ah, what a time to be alive! Information is always within hand’s reach, thanks to your many Android gadgets and competitors. Getting informed is now easier than ever before, and providing that is one of the greatest business in the world. In this infographic you can see the process which led to Android and Google, its parent company, to go from the new guys in the business to one of the biggest companies and service providers in the market. We can’t wait to see what the future brings to the company, and what the company will bring to us.

Source: MBA Online

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