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A creative trekkie who seems to love steam powered machinery as much as he loves the Star Trek movies and series proceeded to create a steampunk phaser and tricorder.

Flo Svensson, the German (despite his Scandinavian name) trekkie in question, confronts us with a dilemma: are the phaser and the tricorder from the future or from the past? Judging by their function, which is yet unmatched by modern devices, one could say that they have been invented by humans from the future. The steampunk design, on the other hand, would lead people to think that they are from a couple of centuries ago. These redesigned pieces of technology are definitely something Sherlock Holmes would use. The classic Sherlock Holmes, as depicted in Arthur Conan Doyle’s books and maybe in Guy Ritchie’s flicks, not the modern one as re-imagined by Steven Moffat.

Unfortunately, the steampunk phaser seen in the above and below pictures is nothing more than a concept design. As much as we’d like to see such steampunk devices in real life, Flo Svensson has only created these as an exercise.

The steampunk tricorder is stripped of the digital display and all the other more modern-looking switches and buttons. All of these are replaced with toggle switches, push buttons and an analog display.

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series would have definitely enjoyed using such devices while visiting the Earth in the 1800s. A monocle would be optional, but black suits on which a steampunk version of the Starfleet’s logo is pinned would have been more than jaw-dropping. Why Captain Kirk from TOS? There a few episodes there that included time travel. In the recent Star Trek movies, all the action takes place in a futuristic world, while TOS also had a touch of past times.

In fact, better than dressing only Captain Kirk and Spock in Victorian clothes, the entire crew of U.S.S. Enterprise should be in this outfit. That would definitely be a change from the future-filled stories of J.J. Abrams’ flicks.

Additional pictures of these two unique steampunk gadgets are available on the DeviantArt profile of Flo Svensson. Now that we went down this road, I’m terribly curious of how a steampunk starship Enterprise would look like. We are more likely to see such steampunk gadgets in Doctor Who nowadays, rather than in Star Trek, but this effort should not pass unnoticed.

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Grab You Gabardines and Check Out This Steampunk Trike http://walyou.com/steampunk-trike/ http://walyou.com/steampunk-trike/#comments Tue, 27 Aug 2013 12:30:50 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=168521

Just about anything with a surplus of brass and goggles will catch my attention. So imagine my surprise when through Steampunker I was introduced to this trike.

When I think of steam punk, my mind strays to my first exposure ever: Wild Wild West. Hardly a fair introduction to all things steam punk, it was still my gateway drug in want of opiates. I’ve since been enamoured with the culture and this trike is just one more example of why that love remains kindled.

I’ll admit that my Russian isn’t the greatest and Google doesn’t do the language justice. But according to Steampunker, this gem of modern industry can propel its rider 30 km (18.6 miles) on a single charge. It’s ideal for an urban trendsetter. Certainly not designed for the long distance adventurer.

Average speed, she clocks in at about 20 km (12.4 miles). You won’t win any street races, but speed is for the unruly youth. As long as you’re on time for tea or theatre, who’s to care if you dodder along? Especially in a contraption such as this one.

The level of detail that the creators put into this trike leaves me awestruck. For those of you interested in the particulars, the article goes into breathless details related to the trike’s construction. I especially enjoy the re-purposed antiques like the seat made from a wooden travel chest; the carefully constructed switchboards and gauges; the engine casing with the hand crank; the leather working—Ye Gods! The metal working! I’m just in awe.

Observe some of the main features:

Barrel-cased engine

Wire-protected headlamps

Antique horn with bell

Pimp leather satchel

Emergency bullets

Skeletal hand kickstand

Bronze spider crest

Hat with goggles

Riding bracer

Hidden seat treasure

And stirrups

I have to say: If this were a bike of my own, I’d have a pocket installed to stash a metal canister of earl grey—my current vice. All in all, this trike is a fine piece of craftsmanship. Truly a gem on the roads of industrialisation!

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Montblanc Steampunk Fountain Pens Are Filled with Style http://walyou.com/montblanc-steampunk-pens/ http://walyou.com/montblanc-steampunk-pens/#comments Mon, 06 May 2013 16:13:29 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=163771

At a first glance, some of these writing instruments may look a bit like the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, but a closer look would reveal that these Montblanc masterpieces are from a different story.

Montblanc has recently caught my attention with some of their perfumes, but these certainly aren’t the main things the company is known for. In fact, the German manufacturer is more popular for its exquisite writing instruments, luxury time pieces, jewelry and leather accessories. The steampunk fountain pens pictured below are a great example of how this company achieved greatness.

I’ve always considered handwriting more elegant than typewriting. The former may take more effort, but it gives a clue about the personality of the individual that wrote down the words. On the other hand, the latter lacks individuality and the only way to personalize it is to change the font.

High-class writing instruments are meant to last a lifetime, and when it comes to great brands that are popular worldwide, their value tends to increase in time. Because of this, fountain pens such meticulously crafted as these ones represent a great investment.

The Skeleton Collection, which includes the writing utensils depicted here, brings skeleton watches to mind. The connection is rather obvious, since in both cases, the inside parts are exposed to the world.

Each pen from this collection has a unique pattern that might remind people of steampunk tools, cubist paintings, spider webs and other such things. Since the most recent Doctor Who season had a couple of episodes set in the Victorian era, I thought of the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver when first seeing these splendid pens. On top of that, the tip is also engraved, so Montblanc hasn’t neglected this aspect.

The price of the Montblanc Skeleton fountain pens ranges from $20,000 to $88,000, and can be purchased on eBay at the moment. Considering the value of these pens, even if I had this kind of money I wouldn’t go on eBay to buy one. The number of forged watches, perfumes and writing tools is too big to even take that option into consideration when buying something that expensive.

The price is not that absurd if we think of the materials that were used (gold filigree, diamonds and mother-of-pearl), the effort that was put into creating these fountain pens, and the special occasion that they were manufactured for. Montblanc’s Skeleton Collection marks the 75th anniversary of the company, and there are only 75 of these pens in the whole world, so if you can afford one, don’t think twice!

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Steampunk Coffee Machine Looks Great http://walyou.com/steampunk-coffee-machine/ http://walyou.com/steampunk-coffee-machine/#comments Thu, 28 Mar 2013 11:34:56 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=161810 The world seems to be divided between coffee lovers and tea drinkers and that was also one of the ways how people judge you these days. The other way seems to be asking you if you like cats better or dogs better.

v12 coffee machine

If you are a coffee lover, you will surely like this snazzy gadget that is made from titanium, magnesium and aluminum. This premium gadget is a great coffee maker that claims to get you caffeinated in no time.

Espresso Veloce’s V12 may not be the best coffee maker in town but it surely has a number of features and a steampunk look that will make an avid coffee machine collector go crazy. It comes with awesome looking oil filter-shaped coffee filters which should help you brew the best cuppa coffee in town. The exhaust tubes should tell you how caffeinated your drink is going to be and if it is going to be toxic enough to give you that stimulant high.

The set also comes with cool looking mugs but the only hitch is that there is no ignition key to begin the brewing. It takes up a huge space on your desk and could just be what you wanted to gift to that coffee lover you kinda liked. It is not clear if it really is a great device to prepare coffee or if it even prepares at all, but it should be a great collector’s piece. There are no pricing details available and it should be out in the market in sometime.

Meanwhile, drinking coffee has been linked to lower risks of cancer and a host of other diseases. So, make sure that you are getting enough coffee everyday whether you like it or not. Tea and chocolate have similar effects on human body too, as they all contain important flavonoids and antioxidants which clear all the free radicals from your body. You could also take a look at the Coffee Machine that Sings to You.

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Star Wars Reinterpreted in Steampunk Art http://walyou.com/star-wars-steampunk-art/ http://walyou.com/star-wars-steampunk-art/#comments Wed, 27 Feb 2013 13:00:23 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=160484 Continue reading ]]>

A Romanian digital artist recreates Star Wars characters and movie scenes through eye-catching and funny artwork reminiscent of lithographs of the early 1900s.

Stabeor Basanescu, also known as Stab on his Behance Network profile, is fond of recreating popular movies into one-of-a-kind prints. This Romanian artist, now based in Paris, defines himself as not just a digital illustrator, but also a picture manipulator. This collection of steampunk images is what he calls, “La Guerre dans les Etoiles,” or literally translated in French as “war in the stars.”

Stab rather makes a creatively cool parody of the much loved George Lucas film franchise. He says that long before Lucas conceived his characters (or long before Lucas himself was conceived by his parents), a Romanian artist had already drawn and published them in a recently unearthed book that is more than a hundred years old.

Among Stab’s reinterpretations include Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker battling with fencing epees instead of light sabers. Here the Sith lord doesn’t don his usual black helmet, but a underwater diving helmet that seems too heavy to even walk with. Captioned on the artwork was the famous line, “Luke, I am your father!” typed in French for added impact.

You can also see a steampunk version of Han Solo and Chewie, both wearing military official uniforms from the turn of the century, and driving their old automobile across space.  Other photos featured on the Behance Network include picture manipulations of Darth Maul, Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia, and a handful of Storm Troopers wearing really old gas masks, and possibly being trampled upon by an elephant AT-AT.

To see more recreated versions of Star Wars, check these out: Star Wars characters as high school teens, and these iconic scenes relived with Star Wars figurines.

Via Behance Network


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The Best Steampunk Engagement Box You’ve Ever Seen http://walyou.com/steampunk-engagement-box/ http://walyou.com/steampunk-engagement-box/#comments Fri, 11 Jan 2013 17:39:56 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=158057

Most men just get down on one knee and open a little velvet box containing an engagement ring. It is sweet and simple. But for one guy, “sweet and simple” isn’t enough and opted to build his own jewelry box with a hidden compartment for the ring!

Like every girl out there, if they like to admit it or not, I think about how I will be proposed to (and then the wedding, of course, but first let’s start with the engagement). I think about the guy taking me to a really romantic place, then him saying some romantic jibber-jabber as he stutters a bit, and then dropping down to one knee and opening a box containing a diamond ring. It’s sweet, it’s romantic, but it is also the “usual” way to be proposed to. But one guy decided the “usual” way just was not going to cut it, and decided to do something a little bit different. He made a jewelry box for his girlfriend with a secret compartment that hid a beautiful diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Check out some of the pictures below, and for more pictures on the creative process click here to check them out.

This is definitely a new and unique way to propose to someone. And you get to keep the jewelry box as well, which is something great to tell the future children.

Dear guys out there, I am putting you on notice. After your ladies see this, they may not want the “usual” way of being proposed to. You are going to have to start thinking outside the box…like making one of your own special boxes!

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Steampunk Food Cart: Victorian Fast Food http://walyou.com/steampunk-food-cart/ http://walyou.com/steampunk-food-cart/#comments Mon, 03 Dec 2012 15:16:25 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=156257

The steam is not only used to cook hotdogs, it also inspires brilliant aesthetics, as this incredible Steampunk Food Cart shows.

This is the creation of the Artisan Cake Company, and is up for sale, in case your dream was going around in a Steampunk car feeding everyone because you’re such a good guy. The Artisan Cake Company team can be reached through the very same Flickr page linked below, so bid away.

Source: Flickr

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Steampunk Bow: Cosplay Made Epic http://walyou.com/steampunk-bow/ http://walyou.com/steampunk-bow/#comments Tue, 04 Sep 2012 16:46:20 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=151543

Bows are absolutely kickass, and as of late we’ve seen them a lot in video games, movies, and other productions. Now, they can enhance your steampunk cosplay.

A Nerf bow gun was modified by Gabe Genway and put up for sale at Etsy just below $90 USD. It is meant to be the perfect accessory for those who need to gear up their steampunk costumes, in case they get into a fierce battle.

The modifications are merely cosmetic, but the bow still works, so you’ll be able to shoot just like with the regular Nerf bows. Also, it’s custom made, and one of a kind, so you’ll be sure there’s no other like it anywhere in the world. Oh, exclusivity.


Source: Nerd Approved

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Giant Steampunk Dragon – It Doesn’t Get More Badass Than This http://walyou.com/steampunk-dragon/ http://walyou.com/steampunk-dragon/#comments Tue, 21 Aug 2012 12:00:31 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=150657

Steampunk usually takes themes too modern to include dragons, yet, what if the dragon itself had the mechanized steampunk look? We think it’d fit.

The huge dragon displayed on the pictures is the creation of Bangkok based Kreatworks, who specializes in steampunk sculptures, but was commissioned a dragon. The result is something that would instill fear in the hearts of everyone, whether they’re on Queen Victoria’s court or aboard the Nautilus. It’s made out of scrap parts, auto parts, and several other materials, covered in a protective lacquer. What do you think of the end result?

Source: Makezine

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Doctor Vader, The Steampunk Surgeon http://walyou.com/doctor-vader-steampunk/ http://walyou.com/doctor-vader-steampunk/#comments Thu, 09 Aug 2012 19:01:06 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=150042

If the midichlorian count could give anyone knowledge of medicine, Darth Vader would be the greatest surgeon in the galaxy, and this mask would do him justice.

This beauty over here is the creation of Jen over at epbot. She based the project on a toy/prop Darth Vader helmet , which she converted into what she calls ‘Lady Vadore’. To be honest, we prefer what our friends at Obvious Winner decided to call it, ‘DOCTOR Lady Vadore’. Now Vader can replace those chopped limbs himself. Not an issue!

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