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Microsoft’s next brainchild is just around the corner and heading up for release this week as a massive update to every Windows 7 and upwards. This plataform promises to work with just any device, and improve user experience – although the last few months have seen a surge in rumors questioning how the many versions work, whether it’s really going to be free, and system requirements. Don’t worry, we’ve got your answers here.

Will it be free?

Windows 10 will be released tomorrow, the 29th of July. From this date onwards, you will have a year to update your device for free, as long as you’re running a Windows 7 or Windows 8 device. After this period, upgrading will have a cost depending on your version.

System requirements

In order to update, it’s important that you are running the latest version of your OS, whether it is Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update. When it comes to the hardware side of things, you will need 1 GHz, 1 GB RAM for the 32 bits version and 2 GB for the 64 bits one; along with 16 GB in your drive for the 32 bits version and 20 GB for 64 bits. Also, you need to have a DirectX 9 compatible video card with WDDM 1.0 and a 1024 X 600 screen.

Windows 10 editions

  • Windows 10 Home: Available for PCs and mobile devices for home. Includes Microsoft Edge and Windows Hello for facial recognition. Suggested price is $119 USD.
  • Windows 10 Pro: A complement for the previous version, it will allow users to connect to other domains and use Windows Update for Business. It’s the equivalent of Windows 8 Pro. Suggested price is $199 USD.
  • Windows 10 Mobile: It will replace Windows Phone, and include optimized tactile versions of Office along with mobile exclusive features.
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise: It’s a variant of Windows 10 Mobile, but designed for companies with smartphone & tablets licenses.

Windows Insider program

All Windows users on the Windows Insider program will get access to it even after a year. They will get to try the new betas and builds before anyone else. For everyone else, it will have a cost.


Keep in mind this is a world-wide update, and probably won’t be available for all users from the get go, as soon as the calendar hits the 29th. Once it’s ready, users will get a notification and will be able to schedule the update date if they wish to update at another time.

If you made the reservation in the previous months, you might have noticed there’s been updates. This is basically Microsoft getting rid of files, setting up the stage to have a clear installation. When it comes to the update itself, it might take 20 minutes in newer computers to an hour on older machines.

In theory, there should be no loss of files with this update, but you should back up all of your important files regardless – because no matter what, that is always a good idea.

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Check the International Space Station from the inside http://walyou.com/check-the-international-space-station-from-the-inside/ http://walyou.com/check-the-international-space-station-from-the-inside/#comments Mon, 27 Jul 2015 20:31:10 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=217188

The ESA (European Space Agency) has made possible to virtually take a stroll on the International Space Station (ISS). This is somewhat like a Google Maps service inside the spaceship.

The ESA came up with a simple yet really cool concept: to let users virtually walk around, using the zoom, turning around and exploring every inch of the ISS, just as if the people on the other side of their computers were on the space station themselves.

Recently, Samantha Cristoforetti broke the female record of permanence in space with some 199 outside our planet, and before coming back to Earth performed a mission where she had to take 15 images of each one of the modules of the International Space Station.  After some time in processing, they created a virtual model of the ISS in 360º degrees, which users can check out from the ESA‘s official website.

The only part we won’t be able to visit is the sector that corresponds to the Russian modules, which will be added this year – so no conspiracy theories, there.

This experience isn’t only about checking out the space station, but also having a certain degree of interaction. Depending on where users place their cursos, they will be able to check out videos and text that explain what is going on on screen, as if it was a new version of the old Encarta encyclopedia.

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Facebook Urges You to Upload Videos Straight to It http://walyou.com/facebook-video-upload/ http://walyou.com/facebook-video-upload/#comments Mon, 27 Jul 2015 20:27:56 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=217186

While sharing YouTube videos on the social network will remain an option for a long time to come, Facebook would rather you uploaded your videos straight to their website.

Rumors about Facebook launching its own video streaming service have been floating around for a month now, so encouraging people to upload straight to the social network instead of linking to other websites seems to all be part of the plan.

The Next Web noticed the above message when linking to a YouTube video on their Facebook page. All in all, this is an attempt to drive more traffic to the social network, under the pretext that native videos are more attractive to customers.

I said customers and not friends because the “Boost Post” button from the image makes it clear that this feature is meant for businesses, at least for the time being. Should Facebook make this available to individuals, all sorts of problems could arise from the fact that some people would start uploading copyrighted viral content in order to make their page more popular. Facebook cannot detect stolen videos automatically, but according to an e-mail sent by a spokesperson to The Next Web, here’s how the company will handle copyright infringement:

“For years we’ve used the Audible Magic system to help prevent unauthorized video content. We also have reporting tools in place to allow content owners to report potential copyright infringement, and upon receiving a valid notice we remove unauthorized content. We also suspend accounts of people with repeated IP violations when appropriate.

As video continues to grow on Facebook, we’re actively exploring further solutions to help IP owners identify and manage potential infringing content, tailored for our unique platform and ecosystem.

This is a significant technical challenge to solve, but we have a team working on it and expect to have more to share this summer. As with all products and experiences on Facebook, we’re listening to feedback, and want to continue to improve our content management tools for people and publishers.”

The second motivation is that the success of Facebook videos are easier to track in Page Insights. There’s no denying about that, but I’d say that this move could’ve been done more tactfully. This way, it just looks like the social network is trying to manipulate businesses so that it makes more and more money.

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Tagloo, an alternative to Google Photos and Facebook Moments http://walyou.com/tagloo-an-alternative-to-google-photos-and-facebook-moments/ http://walyou.com/tagloo-an-alternative-to-google-photos-and-facebook-moments/#comments Thu, 23 Jul 2015 20:36:14 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=217175

Tagloo is a Spanish start-up that began its activity in late 2014, and recently released their photography app to become an alternative to Google Photos and Facebook Moments.

The Tagloo team made some of the main features in the app very well known, as its unique tagging system where we can see the many pictures in our cellphone, organized, tagged and filtered in any way we so desire – these aren’t photo albums, but unlimited tags that allow users to organize the pictures in a personalized, non-automatic way. For example, friends, sunsets, travel, or any other tag anyone can think of. Another nice feature is its sharing system, which might be one of the easiest systems ever created whren it comes to usability. With Tagloo, as soon as someone tags someone else, both users will have the picture on their accounts, which they can in turn share in different groups  each. Tagloo is trying to recreate the photo album concept from the point of view that this app is solving its most basic issue: finding specific pictures, no matter the system, can be quite complicated but now we can find and share with an easy system.

The Tagloo team claim that they “don’t fight for space in the cloud. Our service is not meant to just store pictures away, it’s so much more than that”

Tagloo saves the pictures on a private cloud so they don’t affect the smartphone’s memory, and in case the phone either breaks, gets stolen or lost, the pictures are safe thanks to its account system. This app is completely free for the first 3 gigabytes, and can be used with any gadget running on iOS 8, although they have confirmed they are working on bringing this unique app to Android devices all over the world.

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Adultery-themed website Ashley Madison hacked http://walyou.com/adultery-themed-website-ashley-madison-hacked/ http://walyou.com/adultery-themed-website-ashley-madison-hacked/#comments Tue, 21 Jul 2015 21:54:49 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=217162

This week the popular adultery themed website Ashley Madison got hacked setting a dangerous precedent for users around the web.

The 37 million users at clandestine dating website Ashley Madison are facing a complicated situation. A hacker group by the name of Impact Team claims to have compromised the databases of the company, and are threatening with releasing “all customer data, including profiles with fantasies” if the entire website and its sister sites do not go down.

Recollecting user data is an unavoidable practice in social networks, and even though it’s just routine most times, just so the algorithm can work its magic, in Ashley Madison’s case, it could have heavy repercussions – even though it might sound like poetic justice at first. Ashley Madison offers a service to delete all data from their database for $19 USD, and this alone nets them some $1.7 millions per year, as users come and go. Despite this, according to Impact Team, this is also a lie and all information remains on their database, albeit hidden. At the same time, they don’t show compassion for the users as they said “too bad for those men. They’re cheating dirtbags and deserve no such discretion“. The same text refers to Ashley Madison’s sister site Established Men as “a prostitution / human trafficking website for rich men to pay for sex” and that it would be a “a very bad day for many rich and powerful people” in the US and Canada if this information came to light.

As of now, Ashley Madison are working in countermeasures, but they said this is just “only the latest among many companies to have been attacked, despite investing in the latest privacy and security technologies“. Even then, CEO Biderman suggest this data has not come from a hack, but from an inside source from the company gone rogue. Starting today, the website claims to have deleted all related posts, and to have taken all security measures necessary to protect their userbase.

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Jedi Selfies – the new Star Wars app is here http://walyou.com/jedi-selfies-the-new-star-wars-app-is-here/ http://walyou.com/jedi-selfies-the-new-star-wars-app-is-here/#comments Fri, 17 Jul 2015 19:50:24 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=217137

2015 is slowly but surely becoming the year of Star Wars. With many games, movies, comics and now apps incoming, it just happens to be everywhere. Take official Jedi selfies and watch the videos in this story.

Disney and Lucasfilm have released an official Star Wars app for iOS and Android devices, which also happens to be free. This app is a new way in which fans can interact with the franchise, which now seems more ever-reaching than ever. This app will act as a news central for fans of the saga, with news, stories, multimedia, activities, and even some augmented reality features in which we can make a Storm Trooper jump on our desks, while customizing the backgroun, colors and themes. This is just an app, not a game. so it’s not something you can play every day, but it sure can give you some entertainment.

Amongst the many features in this app, you can check out the weather Star Wars style, news and videos from the official website and social media channels, newspapers and blog entries talking about the saga, and a countdown to the release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakes late this year – it’s essential for the fans who want to be in in the latest.

Amongst the many other things you can do, there’s a section with GIFs that are ready for copying and pasting wherever we want to share them. Also, its system for selfies also has a sharing option, and can offer many environments and characters to pose with us, or even dress us up as pilots, soldiers or even Princess Leia.

Also, our phone can turn via augmented reality in a lightsaber, or bring a Stormtrooper to life. While its range might be limited, there is plenty of fun to be had walking an imperial soldier through our desks. That can be done scanning the poster illustrating this very post.

Disney and Lucasfilm have promised to keep this app updated, and give it more and more features as time passes, including new characters and options while we wait for the next entry in the movie saga. You can download it for iOS and Android devices on their respective stores.

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Google use AI to detect spam http://walyou.com/google-use-ai-to-detect-spam/ http://walyou.com/google-use-ai-to-detect-spam/#comments Tue, 14 Jul 2015 18:58:45 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=217114

The Mountain View giant has explained on a new post on the official Gmail blog about their new technology to detect and identify unwanted emails.

The latest news about artificial intelligence diverge in two types. The first one, and most alarming, claims that AI will be the end of us after a SkyNet equivalent straight up decides mankind can be dealt with (If you don’t believe these people exist, just as Elon Musk and his 37 projects to prevent it), and a second, more modest but also realistic one which has Google as its main example and pioneer, who have now introduced an automatic learning technology for their e-mail service which, they assure, can deal with 99.9% of all spam mail.

Last Thursday, the Gmail team made a post on their official blog where Sri Harsha Somanchi (Google’s PM), explained that filter now uses “an artificial neural network to detect and block the especially sneaky spam—the kind that could actually pass for wanted mail. […] With advances in machine learning, the spam filter can now reflect these individual preferences.”

The Google team had a hard time putting into word how this network operates, exactly. Yet, the numbers speak by themselves, and according to their data, only a 0,1% of spam could bypass this filter, which would be an unprecedented success. On the other hand, they also revealed that only 0,5% of all wanted mail is wrongly labeled as spam. Yet, if we compare these numbers to what they themselves reported in 2012 (when they claimed only 1% of all inbox mail was unwanted), it seems a huge investment for not a lot of progress in absolute terms.

Despite all of this, Google isn’t the only corporation trying to move forward with advanced filters using artificial intelligence. Facebook themselves have been attempting similar measures since 2013 to improve and reframe their news service, while Twitter also are working on filtering unwanted messages and tweets.

So now you know, if you suddenly get a surge of blue pill offers, or opportunities to earn millions of dollars in a few seconds, it means the AI has gone rogue, and the robot apocalypse is just around the corner.

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Jaeger vs. Jaeger: the USA and Japan battle with giant robots http://walyou.com/jaeger-vs-jaeger-the-usa-and-japan-battle-with-giant-robots/ http://walyou.com/jaeger-vs-jaeger-the-usa-and-japan-battle-with-giant-robots/#comments Thu, 09 Jul 2015 20:57:36 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=216997

American company Megabot has built a giant robot, and uploaded a video taunting rivals Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a battle royale. Learn all about it here!

This should be a sport. American company Megabot created a giant robot and asked Suidobashi heavy industry for a duel. Huge robots as in Real Steel (the Hugh Jackman movie) but controlled from the inside as in Pacific Rim will battle it out just like in classic anime.

Most of us grew up watching the likes of Robotech, Voltron or the EVAs from Evangelion, and have long fantasized about a time where we could see these giants up in action. The moment seems to be drawing closer as America and Japan get ready for the ultimate robot battle royale.

The fighters are Megabot’s Mk. II, which debuted at the Maker Faire Bay Area last May showing its might by standing on its own legs and destroying a car’s windows with paintball ammo. Everyone loved the demonstration, but something was missing. There’s no real challenge when fighting an old, immobile car, which led to the people behind it to the idea of issuing a challenge against their Japanese rivals – the people who know the most about giant robots in the entire world.

Debut of  the MK. II:

The original idea, as pitched by the MegaBots team said the challenge needed to take place in at least a year, so everyone had time to improve and optimize the challengers systems, but when the Japanese team at Kuratas responded and raised the bet, this took a different dimension: never mind the weapons, this will be a fist fight. As of now, neither date nor location have been confirmed, nor the rules themselves, but we’re about to see the first boxing match between giant robots from America and Japan. Matt Oehrlein, co-creator of the American Mk. II clarified that they are going to be modifying a lot of things before this fight, from armor to engines and several other things. Meanwhile, the Japanese team put it on hype terms: “¡PREPARE FOR BATTLE!”.

You can see what Suidobashi heavy industry replied via Youtube:

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Tooli Plots, Engraves and Airbrushes on Your Desktop http://walyou.com/tooli-creative-desktop-tool/ http://walyou.com/tooli-creative-desktop-tool/#comments Fri, 03 Jul 2015 20:53:34 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=216943

Tools that were once industrially available are now making their way onto our desktops, to the endless joy of DIY enthusiasts.

If you’re past the stage of marking the name of your loved one on a tree, you probably know that metallic surfaces are far more durable. Granted, Troy Cundy must have thought of more practical things when he designed the Tooli creative desktop tool, a desktop CNC machine that relies on modularity to prove its versatility. The four tasks Tooli can accomplish are laser engraving, airbrusing, dispensing and plotting.

While this CNC machine isn’t for everybody, it could definitely prove useful for creative minds that are interested in leaving a mark on things (quite literally, this time). One of the best things about Tooli is that modules can be added to it in order to expand the surface for plotting or engraving. Considering that, Tooli could help small business, as well, and not just individuals.

“Tooli was designed from the ground up to be a scalable multi-function creative tool that’s super easy to use. Available in 3 sizes up to 84x60cm (33″ x 24″), Tooli provides the perfect creative space for artists and makers. The intuitive touch screen makes using Tooli super easy, and together with our Art2Gcode software offers a total package that everyone can use.

Tooli can plot with a level of versatility unlike anything else. The solenoid found in conventional plotters is replaced with a stepper motor and provides ultimate control over plunge speed and depth. With adjustable force from 30 to 1000g (1 to 35oz), this unique design is the perfect tool for plotting with everything from scrapers to soft tip markers. Tooli’s plot function allows you to easily create drawings with pens pencils and markers, or cut signs and decals with the included knife. We’ve even added a unique stamping feature that automatically returns the stamp to an ink pad as needed.”

Cundy turned to Kickstarter to raise the $65,000 AUD necessary for mass producing Tooli. So far, backers have pledged less than a third of that, but the project still has 37 days to go. If pledges follow the current trend, the funding goal should be exceeded way before the deadline. Assuming you’re backing the project with more than $1,395 AUD, you should receive your modular CNC machine in March 2016.

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Sub-$200 CTL H4 Chromebook Packs 4GB RAM http://walyou.com/ctl-h4-chromebook-for-education-4gb-ram/ http://walyou.com/ctl-h4-chromebook-for-education-4gb-ram/#comments Thu, 02 Jul 2015 20:25:14 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=216922

As technology evolves, production costs get lower and hardware gets cheaper. When it comes to notebooks, there has been a focus on using them for education recently, and CTL’s latest Chromebook could definitely be of great aid in that department.

CTL went to this year’s ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference to unveil its rugged H4 Chromebook for Education. At the $199 price-point, where this Chromebook starts at, you’d expect notebooks to come with just 2GB of RAM, but in this particular case, you’re in for a surprise.

“CTL is excited to bring the H4 to market and offer our education customers another Chromebook option that enables schools to meet their IT and budgetary demands,” pointed out Jeremy Burnett, CTL’s Director of Engineering. “The H4 is easy to maintain and keep secure and features a lightweight, student-friendly design with carry handle and water-resistant keyboard.”

At its heart, the CTL H4 Chromebook has a Rockchip RK3288 Quad-Core Cortex-A17 CPU running at 1.8 Ghz, along with the aforementioned 4GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage that can be furthermore expanded using a microSD card. Other specs include a 11.6″ HD wide screen LED-backlit display, Bluetooth 4.0, a multi-gesture touchpad, built-in camera and microphone, and an abundance of ports. More precisely, the H4 features 2 USB ports, HDMI and headphone jacks, and a microSD slot for additional storage.

There has been no word on the battery’s capacity, but CTL points out that it should keep the Chromebook up and running for up to 10 hours.

And here’s an excerpt from the press release that was published on June 30 by CTL:

“The CTL H4 Chromebook comes with 100GB of Google Drive cloud storage free for two years. This product also can be bundled with CTL’s Professional Development. In addition, CTL offers a wide range of enterprise class services and support including Chrome Device Management licenses, White Glove Chrome Device Management provisioning, Hapara licenses, custom logo painting, Pearson Education software and eTextbooks, asset tagging and much more.

All CTL Chromebook customers will receive one year of Securly content filtering and analysis, allowing schools and parents to easily set automatic website and app filtering policies. See the CTL Education Solutions Guide for our complete range of services and warranty options.”

The manufacturer claims that the H4 is water resistant and that it can withstand drops from 70 cm. I guess that makes it perfect even for the harshest… studying conditions.

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