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People who are recovering from a stroke or from other health conditions that have an impact on hand movement can now go through a new type of rehabilitation that’s based on a system called MusicGlove.

Developed by Irvine, CA-based Flint Rehabilitation Devices, the MusicGlove couldn’t have had a more self-descriptive name. It is worn as a glove on the hand that was affected by the stroke, and it gathers data regarding the fingers that are moving. Upon doing so, the wearer receives some visual feedback that motivates him or her to focus on the fingers that require more exercise. Now this is where it gets interesting: the visual feedback is provided in a manner that resembles the GuitarHero video game quite a lot. Come to think of it, this pretty much explains the first part of the device’s name.

Here is a fragment of the announcement:

“In addition to being fun and effective, MusicGlove changes the way clinics provide hand therapy. The device requires minimum intervention from a therapist while users play the game, so clinics can provide more intensive group therapy without increasing staff. MusicGlove also records accurate quantitative data that allows therapists to set goals for their patients and track functional improvements over time. The low price and ease of use of MusicGlove is a breath of fresh air for clinics that typically do not have access to other smart rehabilitation technology and equipment that can cost over $50,000USD and require advanced training to use.

Results of a randomized controlled trial of MusicGlove with individuals with stroke published in the Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation showed that people using MusicGlove had significantly greater improvements in hand function than people doing conventional hand exercises after only two weeks. Users reported regaining the ability to open doorknobs, type on a keyboard, wash dishes, use silverware, bathe and wash themselves, and use the restroom independently after exercising with the device.”

The gamification of various activities seems to be fruitful not only when it comes to apps such as the old Foursquare, but also in medical recovery.

MusicGlove is available for sale on the manufacturer’s website, in two different versions. The home version costs $1,149, while the clinic version will set customers back a whooping $4,199.

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GhostDash HUD Puts Virtual Rivals on the Dashboard of Rookie Racers http://walyou.com/ghostdash-virtual-rivals-dashboard-racing/ http://walyou.com/ghostdash-virtual-rivals-dashboard-racing/#comments Thu, 23 Oct 2014 16:28:51 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=180311

Heads-up displays used in the automotive industry kept AR elements to a minimum, showing mostly driving-related data and at most some sort of guidance for the lane. GhostDash is a HUD that does so much more, by helping rookie racers to get better at driving against rivals.

Competition is good, and not only because the lack of it leads to monopolies in all sorts of industries. Competition is what motivates us to work harder and go beyond our limits. In motorsports, rivals are essential, as they represent a reference, a point where we must get and a limit we must exceed. Motorsports wouldn’t make much sense if there would be only one driver at each event, unless it’s breaking records we’re talking about. With that in mind, High Rise Garage developed GhostDash, an HUD that puts virtual rivals on the dashboard, so you can give your best on the track.

The GhostDash kit includes a GPS unit that collects raw data, a device that makes sense out of all that information, a projector and a 15″ display screen. The good part is that the contrast of the projected virtual rivals is just right, meaning you won’t have to squeeze your eyes in order to see them, nor will it obstruct your visual field so you don’t see the road. Since the system runs on Windows, High Rise Garage recommends you to use a Surface Pro tablet as the interface between the GPS unit and the projector. In case it wasn’t obvious already, the tablet isn’t included in the price.

High Rise Garage’s GhostDash is currently featured on Kickstarter, where its creators are looking to raise $43,500 for turning the AR HUD into a reality. At the time of writing, backers had pledged less than 5% of the needed sum, but you need to take into account that the campaign still has 27 more days to go. Early birds can get the GhostDash software (without the kit) for $25, while the regular price is $40. The GhostDash HUD itself costs $1,700, which is quite a hefty sum, but this won’t even make a dent in the wallet of people who can afford a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. After all, you wouldn’t buy this AR HUD to equip a Dacia Sandero with it, now would you?

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Apple is quickly approaching their billionth sold iOS gadget http://walyou.com/apple-billionth-sold-ios-gadget/ http://walyou.com/apple-billionth-sold-ios-gadget/#comments Thu, 23 Oct 2014 13:00:11 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=180286

Apple’s quick rise after the revolution the iPhone represented is the ultimate success story. Now the company approaches a new milestone: their billionth sold gadget.

2007, when Apple released their first iPhone doesn’t seem that long ago yet looking at their positioning and brand recognition, it would seem they have been around forever. Since that initial iPhone there have been iPads and iPod Touch, the evolution of their previous smash hit, the original iPod.

So far Apple has sold over 225 million iPads, number which they expect to increase with the launch of the new models (chief amongst them the iPad air 2), and if things keep progressing smoothly, this quarter will see Apple’s billionth sale of an iOS device. The only other platforms that have achieved this milestone have been Facebook, Android, and Windows so far. This only took them seven years, imagine what they can do in seven more.

Via; The Loop

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UK Internet Trolls Could Face 2 Years in Prison http://walyou.com/uk-internet-trolls-could-face-2-years-in-prison/ http://walyou.com/uk-internet-trolls-could-face-2-years-in-prison/#comments Thu, 23 Oct 2014 12:00:38 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=180281

With Internet abuse on the rise, the British government has now taken moves to enforce a harsh penalty on online trolls.

Internet trolling: harmless joke or wave of abuse? It’s a bit of both, actually. At the best of times trolling is just a case of you sending a Rick Roll video to your friend, knowing that they’re foolish enough to click it and be serenaded by the ultimate 80s jam. But, at its ugliest trolling can cause serious repercussions. From threats of murder and other violent crimes to general abuse that mocks someone’s appearance, the nasty side of trolling is encouraged by the anonymous nature of the Internet. It’s a real problem but not one that existing laws are fully equipped to combat. In the UK however, that could be set to change.

As it stands, the UK has a law called the ‘Communications Act’. Passed in 2003, the law aims to govern all media including online and broadcast making sure that while users’ rights of free speech are kept in tact, misuses of that freedom are dealt with appropriately. The problem is, the Communications Act is over a decade old and the world as we know has changed massively in that time. For example, sending malicious messages on social media is listed as a criminal offense thanks to the law but if convicted the maximum sentence is just 6 months. Granted, that’s certainly harsh enough to deter anyone from misusing Twitter, Facebook et. al, but for the lasting damages that it can cause many would agree that this is not nearly enough.

Affecting England and Wales only, under the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill 2013-14 to 2014-15, that 6 months offense would be upped to two entire years of jail time in the most serious of cases. It’s needed, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling says, to “take a stand against a baying cyber-mob”. He also adds that “No-one would permit such venom in person, so there should be no place for it on social media. That is why we are determined to quadruple the current six-month sentence.”

But how would people decide which messages posted on social media are the most serious? Presumably, threats of violent crimes would be at the higher end of the punishment scale but ultimately, changing the law could cause an uncertain grey area. There’s also a concern that sarcastic or jokey posts could be misunderstood as genuine and so like some crimes, would it be up to the victim to report the posts or press charges? These are all questions that will need to be answered before the amendment to the law is made so when the bill is debated next week we should know more.

Source: BBC

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New Microsoft Remote Desktop App for Android Sports Better UI, Multiple Sessions http://walyou.com/microsoft-remote-desktop-app-android/ http://walyou.com/microsoft-remote-desktop-app-android/#comments Wed, 22 Oct 2014 18:01:18 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=180268

While this is not exactly the first remote desktop app for Android developed by the Redmond giant, it features so many changes both in the user interface and functionality that it could be considered a new app entirely.

The first remote desktop app created by Microsoft for Google’s mobile OS was launched a year ago. The new app, which is currently in Beta stage, is listed separately in the Play Store, meaning that it’s more than just an update to the older one. Despite all that, a changelog from the stable version has been included, but maybe just to point out the improvements.

One of the main changes over the old app is the user interface, which went through a major overhaul. As all changes in this department, the new UI is meant to boost the app’s functionality by providing quicker access to essential controls and settings.

While still using the reliable RDP protocol, the new app now includes support for multiple sessions. In other words, you can have remote access to your work computer, along with the ones from home, all while being on the road (even though you probably shouldn’t run remote desktop apps while driving, no matter who developed them).

User accounts have also gone through a change, their management being now much improved over the previous version of the app. Regardless of the number of users, you must rest assured, as your connection to your computers will always be secure. Microsoft employs the Network Level Authentication (NLA) technology for that particular aspect.

Microsoft also tells us what to expect in the future releases. First of all, there’s access to Remote Resources via the Remote Desktop Gateway. Secondly, there will be Azure RemoteApp preview access.

The app is fairly new, so there aren’t that many reviews on the Play Store. In fact, at the time of writing, there were only three, and only two of them were favorable. Just a piece of advice for anyone writing reviews for an app store. Please state in your comment the reason you gave the app that rating, regardless if it’s positive or negative. A single word isn’t enough for summarizing why the app is good or bad. In the end, the device on which it’s used could influence the experience dramatically, and others may not have the same problem.

To install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta app, head over to Google Play Store and choose to have it downloaded to your devices.

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Google Adds an Extra Layer of Protection with USB Security Key http://walyou.com/google-2-step-authentication-usb-security-key/ http://walyou.com/google-2-step-authentication-usb-security-key/#comments Wed, 22 Oct 2014 16:49:03 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=180263

Mountain View’s two-step authentication is about to get even better in Chrome, as the company announced the launch of physical USB Security Keys.

Until now, logging into your Google account while having the 2-step authentication active required you to enter either a code received on your phone via text message, or one generated by the Google Authenticator smartphone app (which in case you didn’t know, also works with Dropbox). Unlike Dropbox and other companies who have had security issues in the recent past, Google didn’t wait for its accounts to be compromised before beefing up its security measures, fact that should really be appreciated by its users.

In Google’s opinion, there are two reasons why the safety of the two-step authentication needed to be improved. First of all, there’s the risk of phishing. Hackers are able nowadays to replicate not only the login page to your Google account, but also the two-step authentication one. This way, if you’re not paying attention to what’s written in the address bar of your browser, you could become a victim and have your Google account compromised.

Secondly, there are situations when your smartphone doesn’t have a data connection, or when its battery runs out prior to using the Authenticator app. The USB Security Key, on the other hand, is always in your pocket, and can be attached to your keychain, so that you don’t misplace it.

The Google 2-Step Authentication Security Key isn’t pretentious in terms of the platform you’re using, as long as you have Chrome 38 or newer. In other words, it will work just fine on any device running ChromeOS, Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Since both Chrome and the Security Key include the Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) open-standard developed by the FIDO Alliance, so any USB key compliant with this standard can be used.

Just to make sure that there are no misunderstandings, the Security Key isn’t here to entirely replace the codes that were used until now for the two-step authentication. As a matter of fact, you can continue using those, especially if you only use your Google account on mobile devices (even though USB OTG could be deployed in that case), or if you don’t use Chrome as your browser.

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Minecraft Player Creates Working iPhone 6 Inside Game http://walyou.com/minecraft-player-creates-working-iphone-6-inside-game/ http://walyou.com/minecraft-player-creates-working-iphone-6-inside-game/#comments Wed, 22 Oct 2014 14:00:39 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=180209

This is one iPhone 6 you won’t be able to bend as hard as you might want, because it’s made out of Minecraft blocks by one expert Minecraft creator.

The recent launch of Apple’s newest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, have been the big talk of the Internet over the past few weeks. Even the pixelated, sandbox spaces of Minecraft seem to be a buzz with iPhone-mania, and in particular, one Minecraft enthusiast building a working iPhone 6 within the game.

German YouTube’er and Minecraft user, Tom Shuffle (or SHUFFLE as his hacker alias is known), posted this 13-minute video of his fine Minecraft creation, and while it might not have all the neat bells and whistles of your real-world iPhone 6, it does feature a sliding lock, working home button, and functioning apps.

Well… “functioning” might be a stretch to say, but they have the look down if nothing else. And some apps do work, like the music app and painter app, the later a cute addition by Tom that lets you paint directly from the Minecraft iPhone to your blocky-heart’s content.

Check out the video below to see the Tom’s Minecraft’ed iPhone 6. It’s in German, but creative awesomeness is a universal language anyone can understand!

VIDEO TO ADD [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiG8PynmFZg]

Source: TUAW

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13 Cutest Geeky Halloween Costumes For Pets & Their Owners http://walyou.com/halloween-costumes-cute-geeky-pets/ http://walyou.com/halloween-costumes-cute-geeky-pets/#comments Wed, 22 Oct 2014 13:00:49 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=180220

Couples costumes for Halloween? Fun to do, annoying for everyone else. Something with your children? Pretty sweet. Something with your pet? It doesn’t get any better, especially with some geek-oriented theme.

The Justice League

Batman & Robin

Mario & Luigi

Harry Potter & Fluffy the 3-Headed Dog


E.T. (And someone to carry him around)


The Cat in a Hat & Things

Lorax & Tree

Shaggy & Scooby Doo (But in a role reversal)


Big Bird & Oscar


Little Red Riding Hood & The Little Bad Wolf

The Wicked Witch & Glinda


King Kong & The Empire State Building


Hat Tip: LittleThings.com

For a bit more to get you into the spooky holiday spirit, check out these excellent DIY Halloween treats. If a tattoo is your best way of celebrating the holiday, this is the post for you.

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A Microsoft Smartwatch Could Launch in November http://walyou.com/a-microsoft-smartwatch-could-launch-in-november/ http://walyou.com/a-microsoft-smartwatch-could-launch-in-november/#comments Wed, 22 Oct 2014 12:00:48 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=180195

As their competitors continue to take steps into the smartwatch market, according to reports, Microsoft could be set to launch a wearable of their own.

The Apple Watch; you might have heard of it? Apple’s shiny new wrist decoration is preparing to take the wearable market by storm at some point early next year. The problem is, the Apple Watch has yet to prove itself and the only ‘killer’ feature that it has is a navigational dial that lets you zoom in and out of its display. Hardly worthy of a back of the box mention. On the other hand, Android-powered smartwatches the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Moto 360 boast fitness features and mobile phone interactivity for a much lower price but the awful battery life makes them a hassle. Leave to a Microsoft smartwatch to right their wrongs then as the company is reportedly set to launch a wearable soon.

According to Forbes we’ll see Microsoft’s smartwatch on the market soon and it will be packing some killer features too. Its biggest selling point will likely be its heart-rate sensor. Using technology similar to the Xbox One’s Kinect 2.0 camera add-on, the Microsoft smartwatch will reportedly be able to passively measure your heart-rate. Other than being a really nifty thing to show off to your friends, that sensor could lead to actual health benefits. If your heart rate has been a bit low and you want some tangible proof to show your doctor, if you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts or if you just like to scare yourself silly by watching it rise and fall during the day, the sensor will allow you to do all of that.

Other key features include the fact that the device will work across many platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Given that the Apple Watch only works with iOS devices, a Microsoft smartwatch would certainly have a larger target market but it also means that we can sync our data no matter which phone we have. Microsoft’s rumoured device also wins in terms of battery life as it’s said to last for two days without being charged whereas the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Moto 360 can only last for one. All good things to hear so we’ll keep you posted once the device is officially announced.

Source: Forbes

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Terrifying Pieces of Jewelry Rely on Human Veins for Power http://walyou.com/kizhner-jewelry-veins-power/ http://walyou.com/kizhner-jewelry-veins-power/#comments Tue, 21 Oct 2014 20:51:05 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=180244

Whether these pieces of jewelry qualify as wearables is debatable, but one thing is certain: they’re just in time for this year’s Halloween.

Most manufacturers of wearables made to look like jewelry are struggling to find more reliable power sources for their gadgets, so that wearers don’t end up disappointed. Come to think of it, not only wearables are susceptible to making us feel frustrated when their battery runs out. Smartphones, tablets, and other battery-powered gadgets can easily get us to our wits end. Naomi Kizhner, an Israeli graduate student, seems to have found a solution to that by powering pieces of jewelry with our veins.

OK. Just a little pinprick. There’ll be no more “Ah! I forgot to grab a power bank for my jewelry,” but you may feel a little sick. “Comfortably Numb” lyrics aside, the jewelry designed by Naomi uses your body’s electricity to run.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Naomi pointed out that “I wanted to provoke the thought about how far will we go to in order to ‘feed’ our addiction in the world of declining resources.” The designer confirms this way that it takes extreme actions to raise awareness nowadays.

“There are lots of developments of renewable energy resources, but the human body is a natural resource for energy that is constantly renewed, as long as we are alive. I wanted to explore the post-humanistic approach that sees the human body as a resource… Will we be willing to sacrifice our bodies in order to produce more energy? My intention is to provoke a discussion,” added Naomi.

As interesting as these pieces of jewelry may be, I really hope that they don’t become a thing. Naomi’s Energy Addicts project was simply created as a statement, and things that connect directly to your veins should remain in hospitals. I also fear there’s a risk of infection, but then again, piercings have gone a long way since they were invented, and these are not that far off.

Do you want to learn more about Naomi’s designs? Then head over to her website, to see her take on industrial design. She is without a doubt talented, even though some might dismiss her project simply because they are different.

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