15 Geeky and Weird Bed Sheets

Irrespective of the lifestyle one lives, there is one thing that each of us wants to be perfect in our life – the place where we sleep.

After a hectic day, a cozy inviting bed is the only thing everyone looks forward to. Different people have different ways of arranging and decorating their beds and its surrounding area. Moreover, many people even believe that the condition of your bed and surrounding areas is directly proportional to the kind of sleep you get. So now you know why you don’t get that sweet sound sleep?

People mainly like to decorate their beds with things they like the most or a theme they can relate to. However, when it comes to geeks, the decoration is taken to all new level. Want to see how? Take a look at some of the geekiest bed sheets listed in this article and you will understand how the geeks prefer to sleep.

2D Girlfriend Bed Sheet

Sometimes it can get a bit lonely being a geek. Let’s face it; even the most prominent geeks experience this. If you are one of them, then this 2D girl friend bed sheet would definitely help to bring solace to your lonely soul. However, it wouldn’t suffice all your needs and you know what I mean!

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Star Wars Bed Sheet

Are you a die-hard fan of starwars? Do you eat, talk, and even dream Star Wars? If yes, then the Star Wars bed sheet is definitely for you. The cotton bed sheet features heroic Lukes, Leias, and Wookies against puffy white space-scape. Now, sleep like a true Star Wars fan with this geeky bed sheet.

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iPod Touch Bed Sheet

Is your ipod touch the last thing on your mind before you go to bed or the first thing that you think about in the morning? If yes, then the iPod touch bed sheet is just for you. There is so much to touch with the ipod touch bed sheet.

Super Mario Bed Sheet

This hand-made Super Mario bed sheet cum blanket will remind you of the good old video game days. Available in several colours and designs, this is a must-have bed sheet for all the Super Mario fans.

Alarm Clock Bed Sheet

The maker of this bed sheet is definitely a geek of the highest level. The bed sheet consists of an alarm clock embedded in one corner of the bed sheet, showing you the time, right to your face. The bed sheet consists of electroactive polymers which provides an embossed look to the time display. The alarm would also ring right into your ears so you may have to think twice before using this.

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Hobo Bed Sheet

This bed sheet is not made to mock the hobos, but is an attempt to depict the creativity of emulating cardboard boxes into cotton blankets and bed sheet. If looked beyond the controversial matter of hobos, this bed sheet definitely is genuine creativity.

Princess Leia Bed Sheet

Are you enchanted by the beautiful and sexy Princess Leia from the famous Star Wars movies? Do you dream of rescuing the princess from the clutches of the evil Darth Vader? If yes, then the Princess Leia bed sheet is the right thing for you. Go get your girl, guys!

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Man-in-Bed Bed Sheet

This bed sheet may look weird in the first place, but the man printed on it looks quite real and attractive too (I know all the girls said yes in concurrence). Although weird, I am very sure that all the ladies are more than willing to buy this bed sheet and without second thoughts.

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Comic Girl Bed Sheet

I don’t really have an idea as to what girls would think of it, but I can bet that all guys would want this bed sheet for sure. A bit raunchy and extremely erotic, this is one bed sheet every guy (including me) would like to add to his collectibles.

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Funny Optical Illusion Bed Sheet

The bed sheet may appear a bit provocative at first glance, but believe me, this would be a great bed sheet for you especially if you are newlywed or living with your girlfriend. The bed sheet has the right proportion of naughtiness and fun to it. It can be used to create great moments; if only you understand what I mean!

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Diesel Turntable Bed Sheet

Are you addicted to mixing music? Or just can’t live without club music? In either case, the diesel turntable bed sheet is the right thing for you with its decks, equalizers, cords and knobs. If mixing music and clubbing is your life, then the party continues on your bed even after the real one stops.

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Readable Blanket

This geeky readable story blanket is for the “bookworm” types. The bed sheet features a traditional bed time story printed on it, which makes the bed sheet very innovative and geeky. No need to take that book to bed with you anymore. You can read this bed sheet to sleep.

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Girl-Boy Bed Sheet

Do you often fight with your wife or girlfriend over which side of the bed you will sleep on? If yes, then this girl-boy bed sheet will solve your problem forever. The bed sheet features clear demarcation of sleeping areas for both you and your partner. However, that doesn’t mean you should not cross the enemy lines.

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Star Wars Bed Sheet for Kids

The Star Wars bed sheet for kids is something that all kids would want, whether Star Wars fanatic or not. The bed sheet consists of pictures of Star Wars’ characters on one side and “Star Wars” written in large fonts on the other. The bed sheet combines a great contrast of navy blue and grey colours. The Star Wars bed sheet is attractive and definitely starry.

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Twister Bed Sheet

Now, you can play the twister game right on your bed with the twister bed sheet. Though it may not look comfortable, I bet the soft bed along with the attractive twister bed sheet can make any day better than the large plastic mat on hard ground which we traditionally use.

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