16 Hot Gamer Girls Next Door

The holy grail of the geek world is having a girlfriend that’s both hot and loves gaming just as much as you. Bonus – A love to play video games in minimal clothing. You never know, maybe there’s someone like that waiting next door.

In the Dark

Xbox Girl

Probably a Xbox model at some convention, but she fits the bill just fine.

Xbox at Home

Guitar Hero Hotness

No Specific Console

Comfort Gaming

Halo Fan, I Presume?

Sports & Gaming Dream Girls

Can’t Choose Her Favorite

Gaming in Her Undies

There’s something about the Xbox, it seems, that makes girls want to shed off layers of clothing.

Nintendo in the Nude

More ‘Clothy’ Nintendo Babe

PC Underwear Girl

A Bra is all you Need to Game

Research has shown that video games are 15% more fun to play when playing them with only a bra on.