On/Off Switch On The Head Is A Cool Accessory But Not Functional

Dominic Wilcox On Off SwitchTrust eccentricity to rear its head every now and then, like this bloke who has ‘fixed’ an on/off switch to the rear of his head looking quite weird and scary at the same time. Dominic Wilcox certainly takes the cake for being extremely wacky, innovative and quirky, but may not score any brownie points for design functionality. Well, we don’t know that yet but can hope that it serves more purpose than being just an odd accessory. The on/off switch could perhaps turn his creativity on or off based on how much he wishes his brain to endure. Or maybe, it could get one to doze off or stay wide-awake whenever required. That, friends, is something we believe will take eons to accomplish.

Dominic Wilcox’s on/off switch is a cool thing to have on your head, if you are desirous of making heads turn (not yours, of course!). All you need to do, as we gather from the images, is shave off some of the hair on your head and get the switch affixed with super glue? If you are keen on getting a similar ‘make-over’, you should definitely give Dominic a call.

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Dominic Wilcox On Off Head Switch