And now, Pacman takes over your guitar!

cool pacman guitarFrom what is evident by the recent posts, the Pacman brand has suddenly started experiencing a high with its cool products like Pacman wall stickers, Pacman bandages and even an art piece using Pacman characters Art, out in the market. This must have surely revived the loyal PacMan fans with some much needed enthusiasm, but, this crazed fan proved his loyalty towards Pacman by going across the limit: this fella ordered a PacMan electric guitar, which was custom made for him by the Specimen (they make you really cool instruments).

In this cool guitar mod, the neck of the guitar juts out of Pacman’s mouth. This hip guitar has a blinking headstock, the rate of blinking of which can be controlled by a camouflaged knob on the eyeball to suite the song timings. All in all, this six stringed beauty is a must for music starved dudes and girls who are also Pacman crazy –you gotta own at least one of these; customized just for yourself.

Via: Guitarnoize

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