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When it comes to designing trendy obfuscated watches, Tokyo Flash is constantly upping the ante. The Kisai Stencil LCD Watch is the latest offering from the creative stables of Tokyo Flash and what sets it apart from the rest of the clique, is the fact that it is fan-conceived. Originally submitted by watch designer Heather Sable to the Tokyo Flash blog, the watch is an intriguing medley of digits, dots, patterns, and bares the unmistakable Tokyo Flash signature style.

“I found that I had a knack for creating read-at-a-glance designs with cryptic looking, yet easy to read digits,” Sable told Tokyo Flash. “I designed the digits for this concept by starting with rectangular shapes, and cutting out unnecessary pieces using line segments and dots. By arranging them into four quadrants with some connecting lines, the display appears to be just a bunch of stenciled in lines and dots, while if you read the background, you can see the digits clearly.”

The Kisai Stencil LCD Watch like most offerings by Tokyo Flash obliterates all horology cliches and gives a geeky rhythm to the quintessential, this time, by playing with negative space. At the core of the design lies a generously sized LCD display, which at first glance appears to be displaying random dots and lines. However, there is rhythm to this randomness, as the trick is to focus on the negative space; i.e., the background, along with the large numerals that are displayed in a two by two grid. Thus, the hours are displayed in the upper half of the screen, and the minutes in the lower half of the screen.

It is not just the cryptic display that will grab eyeballs, as the Kisai Stencil also has a very stylish design sensibility. Chic and contemporary, the watch is a limited edition, making it even more covetable in our eyes. Constructed out of premium polished stainless steel and uniquely cut mineral crystal lens and featuring a genuine leather strap, the watch screams style, and makes quite a fashion statement. The leather strap itself is available in a choice of a brooding black or a whimsical white and the LCD display comes in five pulsating shades, which are; (red, pink, green, blue, or mirrored).

The Kisai Stencil LCD doesn’t just tell time, but also displays the day in its own inimitable style. It also includes the all important alarm mode and the backlight ensures that you can tell time in the dark as well. The watch also prides itself in being extremely lightweight (it weighs just around 50 grams) and the battery is guaranteed to last at least  an impressive twelve months.

Fans of Obtuse timepiece will appreciate Tokyo Flash’s desire to ignore symmetry, and personally, their imaginative musings always get a big thumbs up from us. Those who have succumbed to the geeky yet trendy charm of the Kisai Stencil will be interested to know that currently, the watch is selling for an introductory price of $99, as opposed to the original $139. So head over to the Tokyo Flash website here and grab this beauty, before someone else does. Watch the video below, to catch the Kisai in all its geeky glory.


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Sleeptracker Watch Aims to Let You Wake Up Refreshed [Hands-On Review] http://walyou.com/sleeptracker-watch/ http://walyou.com/sleeptracker-watch/#comments Thu, 23 Feb 2012 20:38:32 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=125706

Getting up in the morning can be a challenge. The Sleeptracker watch is designed to change that.

The Sleeptracker is designed by the Atlanta-based Innovative Sleep Solutions and sells for $150. A lot of people seem to swear by it, including Dr. Phil. Since they were kind of enough to send me one, I thought I’d give it a shot.

This is no ordinary watch. It monitors your sleep patterns, checking for how deeply you’re actually sleeping. It will wake you up within a certain window you’ve set it to. (The default is 20 minutes.) If you’re woken up in a lighter stage the theory goes, then you’ll get easier and will feel less tired during the day. So how does it work in practice?

The watch itself is nicely designed, with a large digital display and well thought-out controls with large buttons. It also has a night light for when you’re in the dark. It’s available in “pearl white” and “onyx black.” The latter is shown above and the model I was sent to review.

You set the alarm time and the type of alarm (either audible, vibrating, or both), the time when you expect to fall asleep (the manual recommends 30 minutes after you go to bed) and just sleep like you normally would. It feels slightly odd to wear a watch to bed, but it seems to be one of those things you get used to.

When you wake up, you can review all your sleep cycles. The watch shows the average of the amount of deep sleep you got and shows all of the times your sleep was interrupted. Most people’s sleep cycles last about an hour and a half, so the results might be pretty surprising.

Where the Sleeptracker watch gets really interesting is the ability to upload your sleep data. You can download a program for either Mac or Windows that lets you plug in the supplied USB cable and upload the watch data onto your computer and onto a website that lets you track your sleep over time.

When I tried it on my Mac, I got a weird Java error. Fortunately, I had access to a Windows PC and was able to upload from that machine. It’s a little tricky to position the cable just right on the watch. The end that plugs into the watch is an odd, alligator-clip like connector that has three prongs.

When I did get the data uploaded, it was pretty interesting. Most of the deepest sleep happened around when I first went to bed, and my sleep got progressively lighter as it approached morning.

Here’s what the graph of my first night with the watch looks like:

How well did the watch actually work in waking me up? I did feel more refreshed and less groggy, but it’s also possible that it could have been caused by the Placebo effect. I also consume quite a bit of caffeine, as most geeks do.

So is the watch worth the money? The concept of the watch is intriguing. Geeks love keeping track of things, even sleep. It’s worth looking into, especially if you don’t always sleep as well as you should.

If you want another geeky way to wake up, check out the Darth Vader alarm clock by ThinkGeek. If you’re in a more DIY mood and you love bacon, you might want to build an alarm clock that actually cooks the Internet’s favorite food.

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The iWatch By ADR Studios Is Perfect For iPhone Users http://walyou.com/iwatch/ http://walyou.com/iwatch/#comments Thu, 02 Feb 2012 14:11:47 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=123978

When it comes to design, the Italians know a thing or two about it. Contrary to its name, the iWatch doesn’t come from the hipster stables of Apple, and is a concept by ADR Studios, an Italian design company.

The think tank at ADR Studios like many other Apple obsessed beings have also conceptualized the mythical iPhone 5 in the past and we admit, we are quite digging their work related to everything Apple.

Taking an alternate design path, their iPhone accessory is basically a watch that can be paired with the most famous smartphone family. Something tells us, that  the Apple Nano and its watch based accessories played Muse in this case.

So what does the iWatch have to offer (well, in an alternate universe at least) to the Apple fanboys and fangirls? For starters a sleek polycarbonate body that grabs eyeballs instantly. The iWatch is not pedestrian in anyway and takes a gloriously geeky approach to horology. 

Once you take eyes off the chic design, you will realize that the iWatch also doesn’t skimp on the connectivity options and comes with Wi-Fi-, Bluetooth and even  32GB of internal storage. Those whose alter ego is a Bond or an Ethan Hunt will also appreciate the FaceTime camera and access to nifty widgets like RSS and weather. The fact that it is pretty much indestructible, since the casing is made of polycarbonate, aluminum, Kevlar and PK2, further adds to its James Bondish appeal! So while it is a highly unlikely design possibility, the iWatch does have the design chops to catch our attention and it is impossible not to wish for the same specs.

The iWatch is not just a spin-off on the iOS family and has been designed to work in complete harmony with the mighty iPhone. It can be paired with the iPhone and you can use it to receive or make calls and can even ignore calls (depends where you stand on the social scale) by glancing at the uber-cool display.

The iWatch is a great, albeit ambitious attempt by ADR Studios and if it ever hits mass production, it can be quite a success. The Apple phenomena keeps growing every minute, so maybe the iWatch should make an appearance on Kickstarter?


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Sudoku Wristwatch by Tokyoflash http://walyou.com/soduku-watch/ http://walyou.com/soduku-watch/#comments Thu, 02 Feb 2012 11:31:56 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=123931

Tokyoflash, a watch company renowned for making some of the best geeky wristwatches, revealed its latest creation: the Sudoku wristwatch.

Sudoku is one of the logic-based combinational number-placement puzzles that enjoys a lot of popularity all over the globe, so it is a bit surprising that no one thought of making a watch based on it. Tokyoflash the things straight by making a geeky wristwatch that despite looking confusing at a first glance, it is actually very easy to use.

The display of this wristwatch features a classic 9×9 Sudoku grid, with 3×3 sub-grids. I say classic grid because there are plenty of variations, and using any of those might have given Sudoku watch owners a bit of a headache. Fortunately, the ones who will wear this watch do not have to solve the puzzle to find out the current time. Instead, they will notice that 6 of the sub-grids feature a blank cell. Basically, two of them stand for the hour, two for the minutes and the last two for the seconds.

Fortunately, the watch also comes with instructions, so the ones that do not get the hang of it from the first second are suggested to read and follow those.  Filling the blank cells with the correct numbers will help users determine the time. As seen in the above picture, the 6 numbers are read from left to right. However, if Tokyoflash decided the scramble the numbers every so often, reading this clock would be really challenging, as it would be quite difficult to follow. Even without this increased difficulty, it will not be easy for most people to tell the time immediately, unless they are very good at Sudoku. Fortunately, the company also included more common features such as date, time and EL lighting.

The geekier watch collectors will be delighted to find out that the LCD display of this timepiece also features a touchscreen that reveals the solution to the puzzle, in case they are in a hurry or they simply cannot resolve it in a timely manner.

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Windows 8 Watch Phone Concept That Is Dick Tracy-Worthy http://walyou.com/windows-8-watch/ http://walyou.com/windows-8-watch/#comments Mon, 30 Jan 2012 18:37:41 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=123687

Not many watch phones would get to be worn by Dick Tracy, but the concept presented below, which runs on Windows 8, has some potential for this task.

According to Mithun Darji, the designer of this concept, the watch phone runs on Windows 7. Judging by the user interface tiles that can be seen in the following pictures, one would rather conclude that the concept is based either on Windows Phone 7 or on Windows 8, which has a similar user interface, called Metro.

The case of the phone watch features an unusually great number of buttons. The ones positioned above the displayed are multimedia buttons that will allow you to pause, play, stop, fast forward or rewind your favorite songs. On the right side of the display there is a slot where the bluetooth earpiece goes when you are not using it. However, the phone had better include a port for 3.5 mm jacks or even better, A2DP, so that music can be streamed to stereo bluetooth headsets. The bluetooth earpiece that comes with the phone watch probably includes a magnet that helps it stay in place when not used. The integration of the bluetooth earpiece is a great idea, since many people tend to misplace these accessories. That is, in case they do not lose them completely.

Below the display are 4 other buttons: two of them are used for answering or ending calls, one for launching the web browser and one that looks like a Back button, even though its function has not been confirmed. On the left side, two hardware buttons (probably the only ones of the phone watch) help users increase or decrease the volume. Mithun Darji claims that the design is inspired from the Matrix trilogy, but I do not see any similarities, whatsoever. If phone manufacturers decide to pick up this concept and put some decent hardware inside the fashionable case, the phone watch could actually become a great accessory. The idea of making a phone watch is far from being new, but seeing some variations every now and then is surely a good thing.

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Interchangeable Android Watch http://walyou.com/android-watch/ http://walyou.com/android-watch/#comments Sat, 28 Jan 2012 16:04:17 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=123499

For many of us, cell phones, both smart and dumb, have replaced watches as our preferred timepieces. One watch goes the other direction, showing the famous Android droid on a good old-fashioned analog wristwatch.

Modify Watches came up with the design. The watches themselves were originally gifts for the Google Plus team, but now sell for about 60 bucks. The best part is that the watch bands and faces are interchangeable, so you can mix and match them as you please. The watches are also water-resistant to 3 ATM, so they have a better chance of surviving an accidental trip through the washing machine than your actual Android phone does. (The equivalent of one atmosphere of pressure in water is 32 feet deep, so you can swim in a typical swimming pool or the beach without worrying.)

You can also get your watch with Chrome and Google logos, so you can show off your love for your favorite browser and search engine if you don’t use an Android.

For some recent news about the real Android, you might be interested in our post on the Philips Fidelio docking station. If you’re interested in cool watches, why not check out the H1 Hydromechanical watch? Or perhaps you’ve interested in a solar-powered steampunk watch?

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Solar Powered Steampunk-ish Pocket Watch http://walyou.com/solar-power-steampunk-watch/ http://walyou.com/solar-power-steampunk-watch/#comments Wed, 18 Jan 2012 20:45:35 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=122339

The reason why I called the following pocket watch steampunk-ish is because it is only inspired from the sci-fi subgenre, but it still is an exquisite item, nonetheless.

This pocket watch should really be part of any steampunk fan’s wardrobe, as it features an amazing design. However, the design is not really the main positive aspect of the watch. Had it been a real steampunk watch, with all sorts of wheels within weels, turning wheels, I doubt it could have run on solar energy. The one in discussion, though, is solar powered, fact that is really baffling, as many people out there would presume that it is based exclusively on a quartz mechanism. The effort that was put in integrating solar cells into the lid of the pocket watch certainly deserves some appreciation.

The color scheme of the pocket watch does not really respect what would be called the steampunk standard. The solar cells, two copper colored segments and the inside of the lid are the only elements that resemble steampunk objects, color-wise. Other than that, the exterior of the pocket watch is of a beautiful polished silver. Personally, I am curious about how the back of the watch looks like, as only the front of it was photographed, with the lid closed and opened. More precisely, I would love to know if the back of the watch is see-through. Seeing each bit of the mechanism moving would be terribly interesting.

The dial looks fantastic, too, and it completes perfectly the design of the watch. According to the manufacturer, this pocket watch is made from English pewter and brass. Another interesting aspect of it is that the turbines move while exposed to sun. The quartz movement that the clock also includes is used as a backup option for when there is no sunlight available. In such cases, users need to crank it up manually.

EER Patent Solar Powered Turbine Steampunk Fob Watch by Alchemy Jewelry, as this gem is known, is fortunately more than a concept. People who are interested in buying it will have to pay $149, which may actually be a reasonable price, considering how innovative and unique the watch really is.

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Avenger Vertical Tourbillion Watch http://walyou.com/tourbillion-watch/ http://walyou.com/tourbillion-watch/#comments Sat, 24 Dec 2011 16:00:41 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=119195

Watches are good gifts to give over the holidays, and one watch combines a cool Lamborghini-inspired design with a vertical tourbillion to create a watch any car enthusiast or someone who likes interesting watches will love.

The watch was created by Marko Petrovic. It’s based on the classic design of the Lamborghini Avenger. And the mechanism is something else. Instead of the usual big hand and little hand, it looks more like an odometer, with indicators that turn to indicate minutes, hours, and seconds, and the day of the week.

A tourbillion is a way of mounting the watch mechanism so it will be accurate no matter which way you hold it. They were used mostly for chronometers for sailors and other people who needed to keep time accurately. Those boats going up and down would wreak havoc on conventional clocks based on gears. They usually show up in very expensive watches, simply because of their intricate mechanical design. Even if cell phones have been replacing watches, sometimes it’s wearing a timepiece on your wrist can still be cool.

While it’s still a few days until Christmas, if you’re looking to give a cool watch as a gift and you have deep pockets, you might want to check out the Relativity Watch,  an LED pocket watch, and 10 Awesome Tokyoflash Watches

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Gifts for Geeks Under $100: 7 Tokyoflash LED Watches http://walyou.com/tokyoflash-watches/ http://walyou.com/tokyoflash-watches/#comments Mon, 05 Dec 2011 15:20:52 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=116585

It’s shopping time! Every year you are trying to buy  new and exciting gifts for your loved ones. Well, your search is over! If you are a loyal Walyou reader you’ve probably seen these Tokyoflash watches, but now you can get special holiday deals, up to 50% off and free shipping.

To save you some money we gathered the best seven Tokyoflash watches under 100, please note that its for a limited time offer so if you see anything you like make sure to get it soon. We also have a special bonus, Tokyoflash is offering to those how will Shop this holiday season for a watch, one of 3 great prizes, for more information please visit Tokyoflash.

  1. Kisai Sensai Pure LED Watch

  2. Kisai Tenmetsu LED Watch

  3. Tokyoflash Hanko LED Watch

  4. Tokyoflash Waku LED Watch

  5. Kisai Sensai Alloy LED Watch

  6. Tokyoflash NI LED Watch

  7. Kisai Satellite White LED Watch

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Trendy Night Vision Watch http://walyou.com/trendy-night-vision-watch/ http://walyou.com/trendy-night-vision-watch/#comments Thu, 29 Sep 2011 16:00:43 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=112859

This is the world of technological advancements and gadgets are becoming an integral part of our lives. In all this development many devices get lost behind never to be seen again. One device that has never gone out of fashion and need is the watch. Rather it has taken new forms and has continued attracting users towards it self. Many such designs and concepts have emerged from the house of Tokyo Flash.

The Night Vision Watch is yet another offering from Tokyo Flash. Like all its other watches this one too makes use of LED lights for displaying the time. It has an unusual attractive hexagonal shape. The body and strap are stainless steel with a black matte finish. Basic functionalities offered by the watch are time, date and alarm settings. It can be said to be a very basic watch but a very trendy one.

At first the watch may appear to give you a very blank look but when you press the button on the top right hand side it will light up. It is available in three LED colors of red, green and blue. As against the black backdrop of the body these colors do present a striking appearance. Hours are shown in the outer ring. Segments of LED appear in spaces as in a normal watch. The center of the watch displays the minutes in numbers.

If you have been following Tokyo Flash watches you might have noticed that many designs and concepts require you do some amount of calculation to read the time. It is not so here. Locate the glowing LED on the hour ring and read the number in the center. It is as easy as that. Similarly the date is displayed. The only difference here is that you need to press the lower right hand button to display the date. Follow the same method to get the date. In date mode there will be a letter ‘D’ displayed on the face. Same goes for the alarm. All in all it is a fairly simple design packaged very attractively.

The light-up animation can be turned on to enable the watch to light up every fifteen minutes between 6pm to 12pm.

Like any other current day gadget this watch is also USB rechargeable. One full charge takes around three and a half hours and lasts up to a month. One battery can take close to 300 hours and it is completely replaceable. The strap is adjustable to a great extent to fit a wide range of wrist sizes. This unisex design which was voted the most popular design concept by fans has finally seen the light of day.

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