Dali’s Elephants Become LEGO

You can’t write LEGO without “leg”, and that’s the most prominent feature of Dali’s elephants, so in a geeky way, …

lego fail epic thumb

Epic Fail in Lego

A fail that receives a Lego tribute is one for the books!


13 Amazing Lego Masterpieces

We all play Lego when we were kids, but Lego is not just a kid’s game. It can be a serious challenge …

lego car tarcel

Colorful Lego Car

For the child with a driver’s license, the Lego Car seems like the most colorful dream come true.

Lego-Lantern-2 thumb

The Ultimate Lego Lantern

We all are familiar with lanterns, one of the most useful creations and one that sheds and spreads light all …