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Pi is the never ending mathematical fascination that keeps us going and keeps us wondering. 

The decimal representation of Pi has been computer to more than a trillion digits, which is one reason – as if you needed one, to celebrate Pi Day.

Check out this infographic for everything you wanted to know about Pi and more.


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33 Gadgets, Gear and Grub That Equal 3.14159265… http://walyou.com/pi-day-gadgets/ http://walyou.com/pi-day-gadgets/#comments Mon, 14 Mar 2011 08:35:37 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=83151

It doesn’t matter if you are a math wiz or a classic geek, Pi is something ingrained within you. For certain eye-glass pushers, the Pi symbol fills them up with joy, brings up a sense of mystery and even provides them something to love. To celebrate Pi Day, we gathered here 33 amazing variations of the symbol of Pi.

Pizza Pi Cutter

Whether it was developed of a pun or the realization that geeks must eat, the Pi Cutter is a great kitchen gadget for any pizza lover who has any sense of math.

Pi Ice Tray

When you throw your next geeky party, the Pi Ice Cube Tray should definitely be kept in mind. How cool would it be to grab a drink and see those Pi ice cubes floating in your glass?

Pi Cork

This is an amazing Pi Cork Trivet to post your notes on, math solutions and any other material to keep your eye on.

Pi Stonehenge

Image: Graela

A beautiful entrance to a flower garden created by a Pi fan and hailed as a [geeky] Stonehenge.

Mushroom Pi

Image: Kaptain Kobold

These kind of mushrooms don’t appear very often. This particular Mushroom Pi was found just around Pi Day ’08.

Pi Shower Curtain

Even while taking a shower you could maintain your Geeky nature and keep studying, for the Pi Shower Curtain is both awesome looking and also grants plenty of study material.

Mazda 3.14159265

Image: AutoBlog

A little modification to the Mazda 3 which includes the digits that make up Pi.

I Heart Pi Tattoos

Images: Lauren1229, JenniferSaylor, Scuffinator

We have seen some crazy tattoo art before which makes us roll our eyes, but at least the Pi tattoos have some sort of meaning. What does it mean to each individual that had it etched on their skin only they know, but the result is definitely Geeky.

Images: Peppermint Stripe, Pamphile

Pi Sculpture

Image: Wonderlane

The Pi Sculpture was temporarily installed in Seattle, Washington, USA, at the foot of the harbor steps below the art museum. Since then, it has already relocated to other places. 

Pi Bowl

Either as a bowl of fruit for guests or just as a decorative piece, the Pi Bowl is stylish and colorful and could add some style to any geek home.

Pi Clock

For some, old clocks are difficult to read, but I guess math geeks wanted it to be a lot more difficult, so they released the Pi Clock. This time, you would need to really put your Math skills to test just to figure out the time.

As easy as Pi

Images: Slashfood, Sim37P3, Twofoldgaze

Either to show your geeky spirit or just put a spin on a regular holiday cake, here are some geeky alternatives: a Pumpkin Pi, an apple Pi, Raspberry Pi, a triple-layer chocolate cake with raspberry filling, a few cupcakes and cookies, and even a mushroom-themed cake. Which is your favorite?

Lovely ConfectionsHep, the Eggplant

Pi Guy Crochet

Image: Ms. Premise-Conclusion

Some of the cutest crochet art to date, which bring to life the Pi # as a crochet mascot. Simply adorable!

Pumpkin Pi

Images: Mathmandan, Stephenjjohnson

Some great pumpkins carvings have surfaced during Halloween that presented Pi as the symbol, number or even as mini crochet art.

Images: Annakwan78, Mike & Kari, AddeyRat

Pi Snow Sculpture

Image: Migpix

I wonder if it took any major mathematical calculation to put up this awesome Pi snow sculpture.

Pi Patches

Image: Pillowhead Designs

Created for a previous Pi Day, this cool embroidered patches could be used for clothing, decorative pillows or other neat craft for Pi Day.

Pi Tie

Not only does it rhyme, but the Pi Tie is an easy and fashionable way to show your true geekiness outside of your home. Perfect for those high school reunions and job interviews.

Pi Shirt

Another way to wear your “faith” in public with an easy to read Pi T-Shirt that is not only shaped like Pi, but includes the digits within.

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Eat Pie in Your New Pi Bowl http://walyou.com/pi-bowl/ http://walyou.com/pi-bowl/#comments Thu, 03 Mar 2011 15:40:37 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=81702

Whether your preference is for pi or pie, this unique bowl is a great addition to any geek’s kitchen. Pi is just one of those things that math geeks love, whether it’s knowing the number to as many digits as possible or buying stuff emblazoned with its symbol. This 20cm round bowl manages to fit in both. Starting from the outside edge and ending at the center, pi is stamped across the bowl to 1,498 decimal places, likely more than most math geeks can recite by heart. Furthermore, the very center also features the pi symbol, which tends to serve more or less as a symbol for mathematical geekery. Given pi’s relationship with circles, this circular bowl fits it well, and a unique bowl like this is certain to stand out and draw attention from math and science geeks as well as others.

Zena of West Art and Glass also says she has plans on doing other similar items, such as pi coasters and a small, deeper version of this bowl. At the moment, the bowls are available in spring green and periwinkle blue, as shown, but the artist says that she will consider other colors for custom orders as well if these two just aren’t your style.

The ones listed will set you back £30 (~$50) which isn’t too bad for a handmade, custom-printed bowl, especially one as unique as this. Each item is also stamped on the underside with its firing date and an individual number. If this bowl isn’t enough pi in your life, rest assured that there are many other items out there sure to grab your interest and sate your hunger for pi. Whether you want a Pi Pizza Cutter, Pi Ice Cubes, or a picture of a Pi Pie, fellow geeks have you covered.

Via: GeekCrafts

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Have a Slice of Irrational Pizza Pi http://walyou.com/pizza-pi-cutter/ http://walyou.com/pizza-pi-cutter/#comments Mon, 13 Dec 2010 15:17:18 +0000 http://walyou.com/?p=68644

If you’re a punster and a math nerd, this is the greatest thing you’ll come across all day.
Quite simply, this is a very large pizza cutter that cuts your pizza pie with the power of Pi. For irrational numbers, Pi is pretty well-loved in the world, because it’s so darned practical. Sure, you can use it to calculate sine waves and design machinery with round parts, but what’s really important is to figure out just how much area your pizza takes up.

Part of me is disappointed that this doesn’t actually cut your pizza into the shape of Pi; however, I can admit that it’s far more useful this way. It’s generally pretty hard to find any sort of kitchen gadget that suits a nerdy lifestyle, and pizza cutters are useful gadgets that are even less likely to come in cool designs.

The tool is pretty straightforward; you roll it over your pizza, and then your pizza separates into slices, through the magic of stainless steel held by a plastic Pi-shape. The Pi comes in black, red, and lime green – I think the lime one is the best colour for it, if only because the contrast between green and the red pepperoni is pretty festive.

Maybe I’m just in a Christmas mood, but I can definitely see this as a popular stocking stuffer for nerdy relatives. It’s only $17.99, which is already reasonably priced for a regular pizza cutter, and practically a steal considering the unique design of the Pizza Pi Cutter.

The curious thing about this pizza cutter is that by using it on your pizza to cut out slices, you’re changing the ratio of circumference to diameter that all circles share. If you recall your high school math at all, you’ll remember that the ratio in question is pi – that’s pretty ironic when you think about it! I guess you can’t have your Pi and eat it too.

While you’re eating Pi-cut pizza pie (great tongue-twister, by the way), you’ll probably want to cool off with a refreshingly cold beverage that has ice in it, so why not use Pi-shaped ice? And, while drinking a Pi-ified drink, you might as well wear the famous blue Pi t-shirt, in case your friends haven’t yet realized how cool you are.

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Pi T-Shirts Are Your Answer To The Approximate Value Of The Irrational Number http://walyou.com/pi-t-shirts/ http://walyou.com/pi-t-shirts/#comments Tue, 13 Apr 2010 13:03:19 +0000 http://www.walyou.com/blog/?p=35421

We should probably give a big thanks to Archimedes before we even think of putting on this t-shirt, who without the help of modern trigonometry found an approximate value of the Pi, which the Egyptians and Babylonians tried for centuries and still couldn’t find it, i.e 3.141. The Pi or rather ? (in the actual Greek form) is defined as the ratio of the circle’s circumference  divided by it’s diameter, which has been puzzling many for centuries, and now we finally have a good approximation of it’s value in the form of this T-shirt.

The T-shirt portrays a humongous ? on it’s front which is actually made up of the first 4493 digits that appear in the Pi’s approximate value, pretty cool right? Selling for $15.99-$16.99, this metro blue colored tee is a sure addition to every geek’s wardrobe and Cool Tees list, so get your own soon and mesmerize the folk around you.

You can also have a look at the other cool Tees that are listed on our site like the Mac Vs Pac T-shirts or the Retro T-Shirt Designs that get you back to the 80′s.

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Pi Shower Curtain http://walyou.com/pi-shower-curtain/ http://walyou.com/pi-shower-curtain/#comments Tue, 19 Jan 2010 10:04:44 +0000 http://www.walyou.com/blog/?p=28108

If you are looking for a geeky shower curtain, you will surely like this one drawing its inspiration from Pi where roughly 4,600 digits of pi are used to create the masking pattern. So, now you can not only do some mental calculations using pi while taking a bath but can also bring the digits to your rescue while acting naughty in the privacy of your bathroom shower.

Loved by astrophysicists and mathematicians alike, this Pi shower curtain measures 71 square inches. This shower curtain made of 100% EVA Vinyl has grey and blue letters arranged in the shape of pi, making it a fine visual treat for your bathroom.

So, get this geeky Pi shower curtain for your bathroom today and enjoy your bath in the company of the geeky pi digits for only $29.99.

If you wish to take a look at some other fun stuff,  try glancing at these soaps based on Pacman characters.

If you wish to take a look at some other geek gadgets, try glancing at this geek clock that’s sure to be a fun stuff.

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Geeky Pi Tie http://walyou.com/pi-tie-design/ http://walyou.com/pi-tie-design/#comments Mon, 20 Apr 2009 14:02:59 +0000 http://www.walyou.com/blog/?p=11296 pi-tie

One of the worst nightmares that kids have while growing up is being condemned to an eternity of solving a recurring fraction. If you are one such kid who grew up to be a geekish adult by any chance, you might perhaps want to by the Pi Symbol Tie as an ode to the ambivalence you felt towards this famous symbol.

The tie is made of hundred percent imported silk and is meant for those who cannot leave their math and numbers behind. The tie is also designed to keep the wearer comfortable and cool as it does not weigh more than 8 ounces. The Pi Symbol Tie costs just $12.99 and is a great way to make a fashion statement in an otherwise cold and unfeeling business atmosphere. Who knows, the wearer of this tie may attract more attention from possible clients who would be attracted to the Pi symbols sprayed all across the tie!

However, if looking chic and sophisticated is one of your goals, this tie may not be the product you would want to buy. The Pi symbol has inspired many designers to create products in order to bring back the bittersweet memories of school back again. You could try buying the Pi Ice Cubes and have a nice laugh with your friends and other guests. The Pi Number Cork Trivet and the Pi Pie are other interesting ancient symbol influenced products we have featured.

Via: Craziest Gadgets

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Pi Symbol Cork Trivet http://walyou.com/pi-symbol-cork-trivet/ http://walyou.com/pi-symbol-cork-trivet/#comments Mon, 16 Mar 2009 14:18:40 +0000 http://www.walyou.com/blog/?p=9869 pi-trivet1

I think the last time I thought of Pi was when someone threw a challenge as to how many decimal figures I could compute its value.  Darn, if I had this Pi Trivet on my table, I am so sure people around would have thought I am abnormally genius! So when the world honored the presence of this mathematical figure, the guys at Evil Mad Scientist couldn’t contain themselves and hence scooped out the Pi Symbol Cork Trivet.

The symbol Pie has as much as five thousand figures that follow the decimal that are neatly laser-engraved on the cork. Owing to its gasket material from McMaster-Carr, the Trivet scales heights on smoothness and fine detailing.  I am sure  math-enthusiasts would be feasting on this.  In case you think of showing your geek side to your visitors, the Pi Ice Cube Tray with this Trivet would make up for a winsome combination.


Via: EvilMadScientist

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Ice Tray with Pi Shaped Ice Cubes http://walyou.com/ice-tray-pi-ice-cubes/ http://walyou.com/ice-tray-pi-ice-cubes/#comments Mon, 02 Mar 2009 16:41:04 +0000 http://www.walyou.com/blog/?p=9210 pi-ice-cube-tray

There are times when you need to get out of your geek mode and invite friends home for a party and that is when you could try the Pi Symbol Ice Cube Trays. We all know how boring it is to shake out drinks with the same old boring ice cubes and there are many strangely shaped ice cube trays which could be used in place of the traditional cubes at parties.

However, if you are a geek and would like to show your guests something about your geekish streak, you could serve them drinks with ice cubes that look like the Greek symbol Pi. Pi, as we all know is a mathematical symbol that gave us huge problems in school and your guests would be awe struck when they see the Pi shaped cubes in their drinks. You could use the moment to reveal how good you are at math and impress all the chicks.

If you would like to do something else with these ice trays, you still could. The Pi Symbol Ice Cube Trays could be used to cast meat loaves and even cakes in the shape of the most popular number. These trays can get you 12 Pi shaped ice cubes at a time and hence I would advice you to buy not just one, but many ice cubes if you have a number of drunkards on your guest list. The Pi Symbol Ice Cube Trays cost $8.99 each at ThinkGeek.com. You could also try the Space Invaders Ice Box and the Tetris Blocks Ice Tray for variety.


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Geekiest and Sweetest Pie Ever: Cooked Pi http://walyou.com/geekiest-and-sweetest-pie-ever-cooked-pi/ http://walyou.com/geekiest-and-sweetest-pie-ever-cooked-pi/#comments Sat, 18 Oct 2008 04:25:36 +0000 http://www.walyou.com/blog/?p=3322

The Pi stamp on the pie could make it one of the geekiest but also sweetest pie ever. It doesn’t have to be for Geeks or Mathematicians only, for Pi is recognized throughout.

Immediately as we look at this Geeky pie, we see the Pi right in the middle and think…so somebody carved the symbol in the middle, so what? The crust, the flaky and amazing crust, that is what.

WowFunny proved that Pi could also be something to look forward to by presenting around the pie’s edge the numerical figure of Pi. It is not written (or baked) to its entirety, because then it would probably have to be also known as the Geekiest, Sweetest and Largest Pie ever.

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