In 2017, Being a ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ Fan is More Hopeless Than Ever


There’s a good chance he’s keeping radio silence for the simple reason he never intended to let anything out. I mean Martin does blog, quite a lot. But not about the sixth book. He blogs about Wildcards, about the New York Giants and New York Jets. About anything Pop Culture. About things in New Mexico. About life. But not about the big elephant in the room, which has been over five years in the making.


For those who love to follow forums that discuss A Song of Ice and Fire, it has been difficult to miss the growing number of threads and posts that don’t actually mention the plot any longer. Suddenly, more and more posts are being written trying to decipher the number of pages Martin writes in a certain timeframe, attempting to figure out when the book will be out.


Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t come out in 2017 as well. Martin hoped he could finish the book by the end of 2015, which would have meant sending it to his editors and publishers in time for the book to be released before the beginning of season 6. No one is hoping that he beats season 7, and no one is going to be surprised if the series concludes (it ends with season 8) before book six comes out.