The Walyou Team

Walyou covers exciting technology news from around the web, including new gadget releases, hi-tech startups, technological innovations and trends, geek culture and much more cool stuff.

This is made possible thanks to our growing team of contributing authors that are proud geeks in their own right. The following provides a look into the Walyou Team members and a little bit about each one.

If you are also interested in joining Walyou, professing your geekiness and covering the world of exciting technology news, gadget reviews and geekdom, then shoot us an email to jobs [at] walyou [dot] com.

Tal Siach




Founder of Walyou. Tal loves to read & write on cool gadgets, Internet start-ups and tech innovation. He’s a big fan of geek art and design, and has a huge fetish for Thundercats. Tal enjoys social media, especially meeting new people online through all venues.

Netta Siach




Marketing & Community Manager at Walyou. I’m a geeky mom, gadget addict and the community & marketing manager @walyou. Love to serf the web keeping track of the new and exciting technologies, and of course finding geeky gadgets.

Ariela Ross

Senior Editor at Walyou. Ariela has been widely known for years as a dictator when it comes to good online content. On the softer, geekier side, her life is centered around being a complete Android fangirl, social media early adapter, gadget fiend, and closet Sims addict.

Federico Lo Giudice

Editor at Walyou en español. Federico is one of the guys behind Walyou Spanish. He’s a total nerd, with even nerdier interests, including reading Sci-Fi, playing the latest video games, listening to indie music, surfing the Internet and indulging in memes, and everything related to the things that just plain ol’ geeky people do.

Jude Cavale

News Editor at Walyou. Jude is a blogger, a student and an observer of the world. Internet certainly has shaped him into becoming the person he is today, and he believes that most Internet geeks evolve everyday just as the virtual space continues to do so itself. Apart from the Internet, Jude loves Steampunk art and vintage technology. Art that hides behind the mask of technology, and gadgets that reek of luxury and decadence are some of his other interests.

Alexandru Chiuariu


News Editor at WalyouProgressive rock aficionado, gadget enthusiast, films watcher, chess player, StumbleUpon addict

Ehud Riven

Ehud Riven

Geek Culture Writer. Bio to come

Darrick Mattsen

Geek Culture Editor at Walyou. Darrick is a geek of many colors. His geeky interests include Star Wars, science (biology), video games and cartoons, amongst other things. He loves cool gadgets like any true geek. He’s quite opinionated and enjoys discussing topics online, such as why DC is better than Marvel.

David Delony

New Media Editor at Walyou. Ever since his dad picked up a Packard Bell 386 from Costco in the early ‘90s, David has been hooked on computers, science and technology. He earned his B.A. in communication from California State University, East Bay, and is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area currently living in exile in Ashland, Oregon.

Jocelyn Beaudet

Jocelyn Beaudet

Writer at Walyou. Jocelen is an avid gamer, an enormous tech geek and a lover of all things odd and slightly out of place.

Jasmine Henry

Writer at Walyou. Bio to come

Jocelyn Baxter

Jocelyn Baxter

Writer at Walyou. Writer, student, professional day dreamer, part-time cynic Montreal.

Erik Hyrkas

Writer at Walyou. Erik is a part-time writer and full time gadget freak. Growing up, Erik would watch Tech TV for hours on end, read PC World, Wired, and Popular Science all to keep up with the world’s latest technology. You name it, whether it be gadgets, computers, or software, and Erik’s read or written something about it.

Jack Kieffer

Writer at Walyou. Jack Kieffer is a teenage gadget geek who owns Cool Gizmo Toys, a site written for geeks that will surely make you laugh until you die  (pr decide to leave the site).

John Jorgensen

Writer at Walyou. John is a man of sight and geekiness. He relishes any chance to combine the visual with the nerdy and it shows in his passion for infographics.

Anna Brillon

Anna Belinda Brillon

Writer at Walyou.  Anna is a geeky mommy. Between juggling a full time job, running a business, and being a hands-on mom, she love all things science and tech.

Sharon Ross

Writer at Walyou. Inside this globetrotter lies a super web geek. But while Sharon’s strengths lie in social networking, you can also find her with the latest Nikon gear snapping some very cool shots. Sharon’s secret addiction is the latest gear: from camera gadgets to hi-tech travel accessories.