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Walyou was founded in 2006 by Tal Siach and Eran Abramson as a small project during their college years. We have maintained its original goal of making technology and the Internet captivating for all. In order to do so, we are focused in providing our geeky visitors with information that is easy to read, fun and valuable on gadgets, mods, tech news and geek culture. We skim the ‘net and tech world for current interesting news while filtering out all of the boring stuff.

The Walyou Team contributes to our community of gadget nerds and other geekishly cool people by providing attractive and informative articles, interacting with our community, and offering some really exciting Walyou Giveaways on a regular basis. We’re driven by our passion for technology, the Web and everything else that satisfies our true techie nature. This includes reviewing nifty gadgets for our readers with an honest and ethical hands-on review.

Walyou also believes in healthy collaborations and partnerships that allow us to both meet new fascinating individuals from around the Web while continuing our current direction and assisting others along the way. Since we first began, we have been extremely fortunate to have met many individuals from various industries, making many new friends and contacts, including our community of Walyou readers.

We love hearing from our community of fellow geeks! Connect via comments, emails and social networking. If you have any tips, feedback, want to say hi or even wish to contribute and write for Walyou, please feel free to contact us by email [email protected] or send us a message via the Contact form.

The Walyou Editorial Team

Tal Siach – Executive Editor

Tal Siach is the co-founder of Walyou.com, launching the website because of his passion for new technology. Tal has been covering innovations in tech & gadgets for the last 15 years for several online & offline publications. He’s also been co-founded two other tech companies.

Articles Written by Tal Siach

Contact Tal:  [email protected]

Office Number – 4158004585 Ext 1

Jude Cavale – Tech Editor

Jude is a writer and editor that covers tech from all angles for Walyou.com. His articles and columns have been published on several online magazines over the last 11 years.

Articles Written by Jude Cavale

Contact Jude:  [email protected]

Office Number – 4158004585 Ext 2

Ehud Riven – Geek & Gadgets Editor

Ehud is our in-house geek & gadgets expert. He’s been covering comics, video games, movies and more for various offline & online publications since the beginning of the ’10s.

Articles Written by Ehud

Contact Ehud:  [email protected]

Office Number – 4158004585 Ext 3

Netta Siach Lindenfeld – COO & Senior Writer 

Netta is a geeky mom and a gadget addict. Before taking her talents to Walyou, she wrote and edited articles for different tech and geek-culture online publications.

Articles Written by Netta

Contact Netta:  [email protected]

Office Number – 4158004585 Ext 4

Aswin Rajeev – New Gadgets and Reviews Editor

Aswin loves putting his hands on the latest gadgets and inventions. He’s been reviewing the best and newest for various media outlets before beginning his tenure at Walyou.com.

Articles Written by Aswin

Contact Aswin:  [email protected]

Office Number – 4158004585 Ext 5

Phoebe Magdirila – Senior Writer

Phoebe loves writing about cool geek news, fashion, and lifestyle. She’s been published on various online and offline magazines in recent years.

Articles Written by Phoebe

Contact Phoebe:  [email protected]

Office Number – 4158004585 Ext 6

Tomer Friedman – Senior Gadgets, Security & Hardware Writer

Tomer is a true renaissance man of Technology – he started to code when he was just eight years old, and loves writing about all types of innovative gadgets, new hardware, security issues, and everything else tech-related. He’s been writing about these subjects for almost as long, his work featured on several online tech websites and magazines.

Articles Written by Tomer

Contact Tomer:  [email protected]

Office Number – 4158004585 Ext 7

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