18 Biggest Movies for Geeks in 2017

life-2017-movie-screenshotImage via: reddit

3. Life (March 24): Kinda like Alien (in a year that another Alien comes out), only with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal.

ghost-in-the-shell-movie-vs-animeImage via: reddit

4. Ghost in the Shell (March 31): Scarlett Johansson stars in this live-action version of the mega-popular Japanese anime, which should be filled with plenty of cyberpunk atmosphere and slow-motion action sequences. You can also buy a cool t-shirt to look extra ready in the premiere. 

the-circleImage via: reddit

5. The Circle (April 28): A movie that hopes to feed into the fear we have of the control social media has on our lives, with Emma Watson as a tech-wiz finding out her boss (Tom Hanks) and the company she works for have darker motives behind their altruistic front.