Vintage Typewriter Ascii Art from 1948

Ascii art is simply amazing! As a true geek, I must admit that to see a bunch of characters coming out from cool computer keyboards and adding into a wonderful creative design is totally awesome. We have already featured on Walyou before some creative Computer keyboard art such as the geeky ASCII Curtain and as well a fun collection of dead celebrity Font Art.

The picture below reminds us very well that the Ascii art was created long before we even used our computers keyboards. Back in the old days when Typewriters and Typing Machines were in place. Well, as a matter of fact this Ascii art drawing is older then the Internet itself, many of our most simple Gadgets and some of us as well, since these drawings have been crated in 1948.

There is nothing left for us then to simply adore it, viva la Typewriter Art!