Periodic Table of Elements Chocolate Cake has Chemistry!

A Wedding Cake with a lot of Chemistry – literally! This chocolate cake has the complete periodic table iced down on it. It is a personalized chocolate cake because it has been baked and iced for a person who got a Ph.D in Chemistry. Nothing can be more fitting!

An extra element has been also added to it, am sure you have caught it already, yes, I am talking about the cake being completely chocolaty, so chocolate is the added element. Baking and icing cakes is also a very meticulous form of art, and only a person who completely makes the cake from scratch knows how much effort goes into it.

Traditional cakes have typical designs and roses and decorations etc, but you can always make your own personalized cake, the way you want it, and design it the way you want too. I once made a large birthday cake for my sister, it was the imitation of a staircase leading down on both sides, and for my best friends birthday I made a huge cake with three different shapes of smaller cakes on it, a square base cake and a star on it, topped off with a heart shaped cake on top. But I have never thought of bringing in my subject into my creation. This cake by Anaboz has inspired me to do that now.

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