A Green Mobile Charger: Power Trekk

Haven’t we all run out of charge in our mobile phones and left high and dry with no options to charge them again? Maybe you had no charger with you, or you were stranded outdoors with no electric grid to charge your cells and other electronic devices. Hasn’t it all been frustrating? Well, it need not be so stressful anymore and you can bid goodbye to lugging multiple extension cords or adaptors with you on outdoor trips.

All good things come in small packages and Power Trekk, too, is a cute portable fuel cell charger. For those of you who are nature lovers or sports enthusiasts, and if you are left with no way to access an electricity grid to charge your mobile phone, Power Trekk comes in handy.

Power Trekk can be used not only to charge your mobiles but also for your digital cameras, and other GPS devices. This tiny portable fuel cell charger is a 2-in -1 solution for your needs. It is both a portable battery pack and a fuel cell too. The battery pack operates on its own and offers an instant source of power for the cell. The fuel cell provides instant charging for your mobile, from a deflated battery state and does not require an electricity grid or a wall charge.

When you want to charge your mobile phone or digital camera, just remove the tray system and insert the fuel pack into the fuel compartment. Fill up the water compartment with just a tablespoon of water and close the lid. Now re-attach the tray system, and connect the electronic device of your choice to the Power Trekk with a USB –A connector. It will start charging automatically. When using the charger, it indicates the state of operation. Once it gets down shutting down mode, you may safely remove the fuel pack.

What’s interesting about the Power Trekk is that, it utilizes eco friendly fuel cell technology which efficiently converts hydrogen into electricity. The simple technique of inserting a fuel pack and adding water provides mobile users with instant and limitless power at their disposal to charge their electronic devices. This power is generated quickly and requires no solar harvesting. It is in fact more reliable and no power degradation happens, like in batteries.

Power Trekk uses fuel cell sticker technology and it’s basically made from foils and adhesives. Since hydrogen fuel is easily obtainable from several sources, the system too is flexi fuel. There are no pumps or fans inside the fuel cells and it converts hydrogen into electricity through a proton exchange membrane.

The entire process is absolutely safe, and eco friendly and the sole bi product from Power Trekk fuel cell is just a little water vapor. The principle is very simple – hydrogen to be supplied to the fuel cell and the latter should be exposed to open air.

Power Trekk is a truly innovative device that can convert a table spoon of water into ample energy to charge your technological devices. Next time you plan an outdoors picnic, don’t pack your external chords, vehicle adaptors or batteries. Just take the Power Trekk and an USB connector for your device and you are on the go!

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