9 Incredible Fan Made Posters for the New Star Wars Film

There are not a lot of options as to what the plot of the next Star Wars film, originally titled up to this point Star Wars – Episode VII. A new threat, someone who has turned to the Dark side has returned on the edge of the Galaxy, and that has to be dealt with by the paladins of the force.

Until that film comes out, sometime in 2015, beginning a new era of Star Wars craze led by Disney until it runs out of steam and passes on to the next pair of hands, all there is to do is speculate and take a look at fan art, including these incredible fan made posters, with one of them possibly hitting quite close to home as to what the Star Wars poster will look like.

A Sith Looking for His Keys

Star Wars Fan Poster I

If J.J. Abrams Will Get Lazy With the Poster

Episode VII Fan Poster

Same-Same, Just Filmed at a Central American Mayan Ruin

Another Star Wars Fan Poster

A Star Wars Film on the Set of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

Shire Looking Setting

Too Bad Anakin Can’t Be Found to Get Back His Helmet

Finding Vaders Helmet

Something About the Millennium Falcon in the Desert

A New Beginning

The Return to Tatooine

Star Wars - The Lost Tribe

A Jedi Sitting In Some Intergalactic Junkyard

Someone Sitting on Junk

The Mega Crossover Fan Poster

The Mega Crossover Poster

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