You Won’t Believe How the Game of Thrones Kids & Cast Have Changed Through the Years (32 Photos)

Maisie Williams These DaysImage via: Twitter

And this is a photo of her from about six months ago. Yep, it’s always weird to see kid actors grow into adults. And speaking of growing, here’s Bran.

Bran Stark in the PilotImage via: Twitter

This is Isaac Hempstead Wright, portraying Bran Stark, who was only 12 at the time the pilot episode aired, which means he was much younger when it was filmed. He could still walk (the character) during the pilot episode.

Bran Stark Weirwood TreeImage via: Twitter

And here he is under a weirwood tree, all grown up, unable to walk, but much wiser, and capable of flying, sort of. And knowing everything about the past, and even capable of changing past events (???).