New Features for Google Maps

Among the first news from Google I/O was that an updated version of Maps is coming out to desktops and Android devices. Besides a better design, the new Google Maps also pack several useful features. One of the first changes that people will notice is that the navigation bars at the top and left side of the screen are gone. Don't worry, the functionality hasn't disappeared altogether. This means that the entire display is now dedicated to the map. The Search function can now be accessed via a widget found in the top-left corner. In my opinion, that's how it should have been from the very beginning. Clicking on a business would cause an Info Card to appear right below the search box, revealing all sorts of useful information about it, such as phone number, exact address and working hours. Also, if a location is selected, users will be able to see a gallery of pictures related to that location beneath the map. The directions have also been improved, mainly by adding transportation options to the already existing ones. The bad news is that Google hasn't rolled out its new Maps, and the service is invitation-based at this moment. Via: PC World
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