iPhone 5 Ice Pop May Invite Legal Trouble

Apple is one of the easiest companies to offend, if you like being sued. That being said, a Taiwanese bakery doesn’t seem to care too much about being in the middle of an international legal battle, thanks to their iPhone 5 Ice Pop.

The iPhone 5 Ice Pop doesn’t really look like an iPhone that’s been released earlier or like one of the many supposed prototypes that are all over the Internet.

Instead, the mango flavored ice candy looks like Apple’s logo! Apparently, the bakery also makes these candies in pear flavor. Something tells me that the guys at Apple won’t find this particular candy very sweet, and it might result in a long standing legal battle. it sure is a great way to grab attention in this gadget-crazy Asian nation, where Apple’s iPhones are hugely in demand (much like anywhere else).

However, the bakery should have displayed prudence and not copied Apple’s logo, trademark and product’s name to sell their own products.

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