Apple Fanboys Rejoice! iPhone Icon Pillows

These crafty pillows are awesome accessories for the technology and Apple fans in our lives. Rest comfortably on these fluffy iPillows while surfing the web, listening to music, or playing a game on an iPod or iPad or while catching a quick nap.

Everyone enjoys showing their favorite brands some love, but none more so than Apple fans.  Apple junkies celebrate their love of Apple’s sleek designs, fast hardware and an intuitive operating system in more creative ways than we can count. We’ve seen painted Apple nails, a wall clock and most deliciously, some Apple apple pie. Now we have some iPillows to add to the mix!

Claiming to be made from “the softest felt” and the “fluffiest polyester”, these pillows measure 12″ x 12″ and are soft and springy to lay on but firm enough to hold their shape over time.  Each pillow is hand-sewn and the icons are designed with the same high-quality felt as the pillows.  These icon pillows will perfectly accent the rest of any Apple collection – from iPhone to Mac Book to iPad.

Created by Craftsquatch and sold on their Etsy store, these pillows are available for between $19.99 to $21.99 each plus shipping.  Get a discount by picking any four for $75. Other designs available include the logos from programs found in Adobe’s Creative Suite, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, as well as social media like Twitter. They even have Android and Gmail pillows. Perhaps they’ll eventually add Microsoft you can’t get those just yet.  Craftsquatch let’s you get your geek on when decorating, no matter what platform you support.

Via: If it’s hip, it’s here / Craftsquatch