The Mac G4 Cube Fish Tank Mod is Extremely Cool

If you are looking for a really creative mac product, then make yourself a Mac G4 Fish Tank, which is not only is this an incredibly cool idea, but it is a great way to reuse that old G4 Cube that you can’t use, but you simply don’t have the heart to throw away. This is seriously one of the coolest uses for the G4 Cube that I have seen till date and second coolest Apple computer mod.

apple g4 computer fish tank mod

I’m not really sure what you would call this… a Macquarium? iTank? iFish (though that would probably be the name of the fish IN the tank… maybe it will even have an apple symbol on it?)?

The fish tank’s lighting is taken care of by a Kensington USB Flylight which is being powered by an iPod charger. Really really nifty! Kudos to Small Dog for the creative thought and implementation.

mac g4 cube mod aquarium

All it takes is a little creativity and some handy work (as well as an old Mac G4 cube lying around) and voila! You have your very own, incredibly geeky Apple Fish Tank.

I actually think that it looks perfectly fine even without a fish. Somehow the Apple symbol gives it a little something extra that no other fish tank has. In fact, it is even geekier (and WAAYYY cooler) than the ceiling fish tank that we featured a little earlier, simply because it’s actually real live fish. Kind of like Feng Shui for the incredibly geeky 🙂

apple mac g4 mod aquarium