Pixelated Glasses are the Next Step in Nerd Couture

If you are a fan of the 8-bit games from the 1980s and you are in the market for a new set of glasses (probably because of all that time spent staring at the computer and television screen), check out these pixelated glasses.

Hipster glasses frames are all the rage these days. Whether you need glasses or you don’t, it is one of the most important accessories to finish “the look.” Dzmitry Samal, a Paris, France based eyewear designer is looking to capitalize on the hipster glasses fashion style by taking the regular hipster glasses style and pixelating them.

These futuristic looking glasses have been designed with Mario,Link, Mega Man and all the original video game characters  in mind, referencing our favorite video games from the 1980s, when the original NES first came out. And though computer games have greatly advanced over the last three decades, no one can ignore the importance of the 8-bit game because that is where our digital, video game loving roots first started.

These frames, which cost $378 can be purchased on the SamalDesigns website. They are handmade and can be fitted with translucent lenses or UV protection solar frames. If you have the cash and want the ultimate in nerd/hipster accouterments, these pixelated glasses may just be the thing!

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(Via: Gizmodo)