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Noterdaem also talks a bit about the drawing technique that he uses: "The main difficulty is that the drawings are always really 'simple,' but you have to be able to recognize the person. You have the shape of the eye and just a line for the nose. If you make it even a little bit too curved, you have a completely different person. The character should have almost no chin. It's simple on the surface, but it's really difficult in the details." We surely have no problem recognizing the characters in this picture. I would say that Adrien took sides in the Game of Thrones, as certain houses are totally neglected. Still, there's George R.R. Martin on the left side, then Hodor, Joffrey Baratheon, Robb Stark and his direwolf, Daenerys Targaeryen, Sam the Slayer and Khal Drogo. I would love to see the Lannisters and the Greyjoys drawn in this style.
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