Social Network Pixel Coasters For Your Fancy Beverages

We all love to drink fancy beverages, but where do you put those beverages?  On your Klingon coffee table?  No way – you’re going to need a set of the Social Network Pixel Coasters. This geeky set of coasters was created by theideabox on Etsy, and the product has a 10 day turnaround.  (As in, you order the pixel coasters, he makes the pixel coasters, you wait 10 days, you get the pixel coasters.)  For a set of 4, the Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and RSS coasters, you’re only going to need $15.  Hey – these things don’t grow on trees, so somebody has to pay up.  *Picks a Triforce coaster off of a tree*

social network pixel coaster

The Social Network Pixel Coasters are a wonderful way for any geek or techie to keep his tables free of those frustrating drink rings.  I tell you what – leave a drink ring on my table at my house, and you’re going to be in BIG trouble.  I’m talking it’s going to be a long time before you get out of the basement.  “Wait, you’re going to lock me in your basement?”  Yes.  “SWEEET!  Just knock when you’re ready to have your home theater back!”  *Scampers down the stairs*

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