Star Trek Coffee Table

If you’re a Star Trek fan with a few grand burning a hole in your pocket, then why not pick up a coffee table shaped like the Enterprise? You coffee cups will boldly go where no other coffee cup has gone before.

Etsy user Barry Shields of Sevierville, Tenn., came up with the design, which took him a month to actually build out of ash, poplar and cherry wood. The coffee table is based on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C. Trekkies will know this as the Enterprise from the “Next Generation” era. The table costs $3,100, so you’d have to be a real fan if you wanted to actually buy it. As of this writing, it’s still available but as soon as it makes the rounds on the blogs, that’s sure to change. Or maybe not. It’s not like Star Trek fans are heavy Internet users, right?

Star Trek Coffee Table

If you’re a Star Trek fan, then you’ll also want to check out a Lego USS Reliant. If that’s not enough, you’re definitely want to check out a Star Trek mug made out of pewter. And for the truly insatiable Star Trek fans, a signed Star Trek tricorder is something you really will not want to miss. Because if one thing’s better than watching Star Trek, it’s owning something relating to Star Trek.


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