Star Wars: Episode VII Announced For 2015, Star Wars Becomes An Annual Franchise

Geeks of the world, rejoice! The seventh chapter of the Star Wars movie saga will come to us in 2015, but that’s not all the news we got for you.


We have some news from CinemaCon, in Las Vegas: Walt Disney Pictures has announced a summer release date for Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015. But that’s not all, the series is also becoming an annual occurrence and we’ll be getting a new movie each summer at least until 2020.


The juiciest bit, though, is that besides the main series, we’ll also see a series of spin-offs focused and featuring some of the greatest characters in the show who fans might feel never got enough air-time, such as Han Solo, Boba Fett, Yoda and Jabba The Hutt. Just like our universe, the Star Wars universe seems to be expanding still.


So far, the announced movies are:

  • 2015: Star Wars Episode VII
  • 2016: Star Wars Spin-Off I
  • 2017: Star Wars Episode VIII
  • 2018: Star Wars Spin-Off II
  • 2019: Star Wars Episode IX
  • 2020: Star Wars Spin-Off III

Fans that were worried about the saga’s future after Disney acquired the franchise earlier this year can rest assured: the saga is not only not dead, but seems to be more alive than ever. Details about the plot are yet to emerge (will they adapt some of the extended universe material? or do entirely new sagas?), but we can confirm at least that J.J. Abrams will be directing, while Michael Arndt is in charge of the writing. We’ll keep you updated as more information emerges.

Source: Nerdgasmo

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