See Things in a New Light: Star Wars Stained Glass

It’s a home makeover that only a Star Wars fan can dream of. Let everyone know you’re a galactic geek with these stained glass panels featuring Yoda and the Storm Trooper. Each panel is up for sale on Etsy, as created by crafter Terrazaglass of Baltimore, MD.

Star Wars Yoda Stained Glass Panel
The first stained glass work of art is of everybody’s favorite Jedi master, Yoda. The whole piece measures 16 inches wide and 24 inches long. Ideally, this size of stained glass panel is placed above the front door. However, the creator can customize the size based on where the buyer wants it installed. This colorful piece of Star Wars memorabilia costs $250.

Star Wars Storm Trooper Stained Glass Panel

The second stained glass panel by Terrazaglass is of Commander Bacara, also known as the Storm Trooper. This piece measures 22.5 inches wide and 43.5 inches tall. The artwork is definitely an excellent addition to any wooden door finish. For $700, you can proudly display Bacara on your front porch, showing off your geeky yet sinister side!

It is remarkable that the artist crafted each stained glass panel with great detail. From Yoda’s wrinkled forehead and dark robes to the Storm Trooper’s weapon and uniform, the creator captured them for a realistic and one-of-a-kind masterpiece. As each work of art captures the light, one begins to appreciate the designs even more. It’s not hard to imagine how die-hard Star Wars fanatics would want a cathedral of stained glass windows just like these!

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