Power Your Computer Hard Drive with a Steampunk Case

Add a little steampunk to your home computer set up with this awesome steampunk inspired external hard drive case.

steampunk hard drive

Steampunk arts and crafts genius Will Rockwell has added another steampunk piece to his collection, and this time it’s something that’s fairly useful for all of us computer savvy geeks.

Made out of wood, with brash peripherals, this is one crazy machine. There is a neat little “surge” button that kicks everything up a notch. It gets the gears and wheels on the side in motion, a glowing furnace that lights up when the power is on as well a pipe that actually lets off puffs of smoke and steam.

steam punk hard drive

According to the product page, these cases should be able to house the external hard drive of your choice. A hinged door on the back side opens so you can stash your drive inside, and it has enough room to let the power cables and other wires out.

Available through Will Rockwell’s Etsy profile, these hard drive cases go for $24 if you’re ordering within the United States, and $100 for world-wide shipping. I’m guessing it’s not the easiest thing to package and safely transport halfway across the globe.

steampunk powered hard drive

It’s nice to see a computer peripheral that actually works and has tons of detail to set it apart from your usual external drive housing case. I don’t think any steampunk fanatic’s computer den would be complete without a piece like this.

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