Thanko USB Human Collar Keeps Your Neck Cool On Hot Days

The above title looks very much like something one would read in a BDSM magazine, but I assure you, it’s nothing like that. In fact, this accessory is only meant to cool your neck in the summer.

Besides wacky TV shows, there’s one more thing we should expect when talking about Japan: insane gadgets. In this particular case, it’s a USB gadget created by Thanko. This Japanese manufacturer is better known for its USB devices that generate heat. While the purpose of those would be to keep people warm in the cold seasons, the one I’m about to present you was created with heat dissipation in mind. It looks quite much like a human collar, and it’s designed to blow cold air on your neck, so you can think properly in the torrid days of summer.

Thanko’s neck cooler connects to your laptop or computer via USB, but don’t worry, there won’t be any cables hanging around while using it. The USB connection is only required for charging the AAA batteries that the device comes with. After that, the rechargeable batteries will provide the USB neck cooler with enough energy to keep your neck cool for up to 12 hours.

The way this device works is pretty simple. Each side of the USB neck cooler is covered with a heat-conducting material that absorbs the heat from your body and blows it out through some holes from the back of the device. Since that particular material is in fact a metal, if you are a religious person, you should pray that thunderstorms don’t break out suddenly when wearing this. A couple of small internal fans help the neck cooler do its job properly. Overall, it sounds like the efficiency of this device should be put to the test before buying it. The money spent on it wouldn’t be much, but still, $20 could be put to a better use, if this proves to be unreliable.

However, the efficiency of the USB neck cooler depends on the outside ambient air temperature. As long as this is lower than your body temperature (normally 37°C/98.6°F if you’re human), the cooler should work just fine. If this is the advice that the manufacturer gives us, then maybe it’s a good idea not to use this when in direct sunlight, as the temperature tends to be higher there.

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