Arcade Attraction – Click Arcade Button Wristwatch

Strap a part of the arcade experience onto your wrist with Click’s latest line of watches.

Click Arcade Button Wristwatch image 1

Being a child of the arcade age, as I’m sure some of you reading this might be too, when I saw the latest timepiece from wild watchmaker Click, I immediately fell in love with it. It’s a wristwatch made to look like the button from an arcade stick.

I’ve certainly played my fair share of Street Fighter II Turbo in the arcades, but never did I once think the buttons I was mashing to perform a Hadoken or a Dragon Punch could be used as a cool, simple watch. Goes to show how brilliant the folks down at Click are.

Faceless at first glance, the fittingly-named “Button” watch shows its digital LED timestamp by pressing down on its face like its actual arcade counterpart. You can even cycle in between the date, and the seconds through the same pushing methods. Impressed?

Click Arcade Button Wristwatch image 2

I love – love – the choice of colors Click offers for the Button. You get to choose between classy black, flashy red, solid blue, radical green, and sophisticated gray. Personally, that red one is up my fashion alley, reminds me of that one Street Fighter II machine I played as a kid.

$60 USD (free international shipping included) is all that is need to acquire one of these gnarly watches from Click’s website, where you can also check out their other selection of watches; if you love timepieces that stray away from the norm, you should totally check them out!

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