12 Funniest Thanksgiving T-Shirts for 2016

Every year brings a new crop of ideas for Thanksgiving. In 2016, there are some terrific Thanksgiving t-shirts for people to buy & wear so they can make the holiday just a little bit funnier for those they celebrate with.

12 Funniest Thanksgiving T-Shirts for 2016

Obviously, you can try and find the perfect t-shirt on your own, but you got us for that, choosing the best, funniest & cutest Thanksgiving shirts for that special holiday touch:

Thanksgiving 2016 Dancing Turkey T-Shirt

Thanksgiving 2016 T-Shirt

I’m not sure the turkey should be that happy about becoming dinner on Thanksgiving, but I don’t really know what goes on in a bird’s head. This shirt is available in 4 different colors, for men, women and kids.

Little Turkey 2017 Thanksgiving T-Shirt

Little Turkey 2017 Thanksgiving T-Shirt

Pregnancy shirts are the trendy thing during Thanksgiving, and this is a nice, cute way of letting everyone now you’re expecting.

‘There’s a Turkey in this Oven’ Thanksgiving T-Shirt

Thanksgiving Pregnancy T-Shirt

Whether you’re dropping the news on the family with the shirt, or simply proud of being pregnant, this is a hilarious way of letting the world know and keeping up with the Thanksgiving spirit.

‘This is What I’m Thankful for’ Thanksgiving T-Shirt

Thanksgiving Thankful T-Shirt

Not sure if this is a pregnancy shirt or a post-pregnancy one. Either way, it’s cute.

‘My First Thanksgiving Onesie’ Thanksgiving Baby Shirt

Thanksgiving Onesie Baby Shirt

This onesie is so cute, you’ll probably be dressing your baby with it to more than just the first Thanksgiving, until he/she outgrows it.

Moana Thanksgiving 2016 T-Shirt

Moana Thanksgiving T-Shirt

Disney’s ‘Moana’ is going to be the big cinema hit of Thanksgiving (and maybe the year, who knows), so it’s always smart to stay ahead of the trend and get a Moana Thanksgiving t-shirt.

Thanksgiving Turkey Playing Football T-Shirt

Thanksgiving Proud Turkey T-Shirt

Maybe the best Thanksgiving tradition is watching a football game before (or during) dinner. For some people, that’s the main event of the day, so it would be wise to dress accordingly.

‘Turkey Time’ Thanksgiving T-Shirt

Turkey Time Thanksgiving T-Shirt

To some, Thanksgiving is all about the food. Those are the people who should be wearing a ‘turkey time’ t-shirt.

Turkey Pilgrim Thanksgiving T-Shirt

Thanksgiving Turkey Pilgrim T-Shirt

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something captivating about this turkey, all dressed up for the first ever Thanksgiving dinner. 

‘Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch’ Thanksgiving T-Shirt

Thanksgiving Cute Pumpkin T-Shirt

Remember, pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween. They’re even cuter in Thanksgiving, and a lot less spooky too.

Thankful T-Shirt for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Simply Thankful T-Shirt

Sometimes simply saying thank you to whoever you need is the best way to celebrate this holiday via T-shirt.

‘I’m Stuffed’ Thanksgiving 2016 T-Shirt

I'm Stuffed Thanksgiving 2016 T-Shirt

The most popular phrasing once the Thanksgiving dinner is over? Still, ‘I’m stuffed’. You can wear this shirt right from the start, but it’s even more clever to go change once dinner is over. Maybe tell your guests it’s time to leave. A shirt can be a handy thing like that.