17 Coolest Game of Thrones Cups & Mugs

Whether you like your mugs for beer or for coffee, getting your drink in Game of Thrones style will make it even better.

It doesn’t matter what your style is: Funny, serious, pro-Stark, pro-Lannister or into dark humor (very dark), there is a mug to make each and every one of you happy about your little piece of Game of Thrones mixed in with the first, or last, drink you have at home. Here are the best options in our opinion:

Game of Thrones I Drink and I Know Things Glass Beer Mug

Tyrion Lannister is man of few talents. But he does do a couple of things very well: Drink and spew knowledge, sometimes pissing off the people around him. How are you when you’re drunk? I’ll guess you’ll find out after getting this Game of Thrones beer mug.

Game of Thrones I Am the God of Tits and Wine Coffee Mug

Another terrific piece of Tyrion wit, this time in a mug to drink coffee and not beer. Although nothing will happen if you use it for booze too.

Game of Thrones Coffee Mugs for Couples

As creepy as the relationship between Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen is (especially in the books), their romantic words to each other make a pretty cool coffee mug couple for the Game of Thrones-loving house.

Game of Thrones Stark Coffee Mug

Winter is coming (or already here), which means you need a cool looking mug to drink your warm drinks in. For me, it’s hot coco most of the time.

Game of Thrones Lannister Coffee Mug

I’m not sure coffee tastes different whether you’re drinking from a Lannister or Stark mug. Maybe you feel different, which is good enough for me to get them both.

Game of Thrones Ceramic Beer Mug

If you have one House Stark mug for your warm drinks, why not complete the set and get yourself the right kind of drinking vessel to down a pint of beer or two with the same kind of artwork?

Game of Thrones Targaryen Beer Mug

Something tells me Targaryen’s were always drinking something that’s a little bit more upscale than your regular beer. However, you don’t have to do things like them.

Game of Thrones Coffee is Coming Travel Cup

A neat porcelain travel mug for people who simply can’t live without their coffee, even on the go, and could use a little bit of Game of Thrones humor to make their day a little bit better.

Game of Thrones Brew Cup

You can get this Game of Thrones Brew Cup with House Lannister, Stark or Targaryen on it.

Game of Thrones All Men Must Poop Coffee Mug

The Iron Throne has never looked less edgy in its toilet form. Who said you need to drink coffee while keeping a serious, grim face? Whether it’s the start of the day or the end of it, Game of Thrones puns on your coffee mug will make you laugh.

Game of Thrones Map Beer Mug

The perfect beer mug for Game of Thrones fans who wanna catch up on geography and do a little map reading while drinking a bit of ale.

Game of Thrones Hodor Coffee Mug

Warning: Drinking from the Hodor coffee mug will make you feel sad. The coffee will still taste good though.

Game of Thrones Red Wedding Coffee Mug

What sick bastard would drink out of a ‘Red Wedding’ Game of Thrones mug? Someone who appreciates the Freys and the Boltons, that’s who.

Game of Thrones You Know Nothing Jon Snow Coffee Mug

Even from beyond the grave, Ygritte manages to keep sending her famous line out into the real world through innocent coffee mugs.

Game of Thrones Bring me my Dragons Coffee Mug

I’m not sure if I hate this line or love it. However, graphically, it looks awesome on a coffee mug.

Game of Thrones Trial by Combat Coffee Mug

This coffee mug might be funny, but as we’ve learned from watching Game of Thrones, going the Trial by Combat road doesn’t always lead to a very good place.

Game of Thrones Direwolf Mug

One thing about this coffee mug: It’s not very useful as a drinking vessel because liquids get trapped under the Direwolf head. But as something to show off with? It’s completely awesome